What Are the Different Security Guard Services?

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Professional security is multi-faceted and adapts to each client’s needs. At Silbar Security, our services range from security guards for small businesses and apartment buildings to event security that protects crowds of people, and more. Every security provider should offer adaptable services that scale with clients’ needs. If you are contemplating hiring security for your business or event, this article will help you understand what services are available and which are best for your unique situation.

Armed and Unarmed Security Officers

Security officers are the first line of defense against potential threats and criminal activity. They are highly trained experts with various skills in self-defense, de-escalation tactics, conflict resolution, surveillance, criminal deterrence and apprehension, and more. When deciding to hire professional security, it is important to determine whether you would like armed or unarmed security. While each provides a similar level of security, there are situations that may call for one over the other. If you need security in a high-risk environment, armed security may be the best option for you, whereas for situations where violent altercations are less likely, unarmed security is more than sufficient. Although security officers are primarily hired to protect property or event-goers, they can also perform access control at offices and residential properties, monitor existing CCTV security cameras, respond to tenant reports, and perform roving patrol food and by vehicle.

Vehicle Patrol

Mobile patrol services ensure that your property’s perimeter is always secure. You can enlist a security officer to perform vehicle patrols exclusively or use them in combination with foot patrols. Larger properties can benefit from this dual approach to property surveillance as it ensures there are always enough officers on-site. Guards will routinely assess entrances, such as doors and windows, fences, and any areas that could be used to gain unauthorized access. Vehicle patrol can also ensure faster response times to reported threats, making them a valuable service for large commercial businesses and residential properties.

Event Security

You can hire a team of guards to serve as your security staff during an event, such as a concert, conference, convention, or festival. Security is also available for private events. Event coordinators have far too much on their schedule to spend time surveilling crowds for signs of suspicious activity. The presence of security serves as an effective deterrent while also ensuring there are trained guards on-site should the need for professional intervention arise. 

Security staff will strategize with coordinators to ensure well-defined exit routes and appropriate security measures, such as crowd control barriers and access control systems. Furthermore, these officers can offer peace of mind to attendees, who can turn to them for assistance if needed.

Emergency & Temporary Security

You can hire security on-demand instead of locking yourself into a lengthy and expensive contract if that’s what works best. Many businesses need heightened production during certain times of the year, but they may only require a part-time officer on their property. To accommodate these fluctuating needs, companies such as Silbar Security offer this service to their clients. In these instances, temporary security can help manage seasonal surges or offer greater protection after a previous crime on a property. Emergency response services offer rapid response to any critical situations reported on your property by tenants or staff. You can rely on officers to secure threats and notify law enforcement.

Temporary contract security can reduce or eliminate the need for full-time staffing, which can be much more cost-efficient for businesses on a limited budget. The exact price is flexible based on your needs, and every package is put together based on a personalized security assessment. You can choose which temporary security services you would like and determine a suitable time frame.

Fire Watch

Fire watch officers are available to monitor high-risk sites and ensure that extinguishing systems, alarms, and emergency exits are always functional. Fire watch guards remain on-site to ensure that people and property are always safe. Their primary focus is ensuring anyone on the premises can escape safely if a fire breaks out and mitigating the damage done by fires by calling for help as soon as one is noticed. In an emergency, they are trained to follow evacuation protocols and administer rapid-fire response until authorities arrive.

Residential Property Security

Officers can work in gated communities, apartment buildings, and HOA communities to bring peace of mind to residents and property managers alike. In addition to patrols throughout the day and night, officers can offer parking enforcement, check in visitors, perform access control, and respond to any threats reported by staff, tenants, or homeowners. A residential security officer can also deliver an emergency response in time-sensitive situations, such as a suspected break-in or dispute between residents. They are trained to protect, defend, and control situations until law enforcement arrives on the scene to take over. During that time, they perform hand-off procedures that ensure the police fully understand the situation.

Hotel Security

Hotel security staff can keep the peace at all times while reducing the hotel’s overall liabilities. During late-night hours, the security officer can ensure that overnight staff are always safe. They can also escort employees to and from their vehicles if necessary and monitor elevator or access door use. If there is any need for security to intervene, they can do so in a discreet manner that effectively contains a situation without disturbing or endangering other guests.

Industrial and Commercial Factory Security

While guests may not be coming to and from their facilities, industrial sites like warehouses still have many people on-site to protect. Furthermore, security officers can protect inventory from thieves and defend property from would-be vandals. A combination of vehicle and foot patrols can be most effective for large properties, especially those with multiple warehouses or factories on their premises.

Tips for Hiring a Professional Security Company

Before enlisting the services of security guards or signing a contract with a security provider, perform due diligence to ensure you can trust the company you are working with. We advise scheduling a consultation and addressing points such as:

What is their background?

How do they recruit and screen potential security officers? 

What are their training requirements and methods? 

What type of equipment do they use?

Do they ensure and verify firearm licensing for all armed officers? 

How do they customize security services to suit each client’s needs?

Do they have additional client support, such as 24-hour response and daily reporting?

If you want to work with a law-enforcement-grade security team, please contact us at Silbar Security today. We can help you develop the right security plan for your business or event, personalized for your needs and budget. If you would like to learn more, reach out to us to book a free security consultation.

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