What is a Mobile Patrol

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Although most people generally know what a mobile patrol unit is, their typical day-to-day duties are often unknown. This service involves a lot more than meets the eye. However, one thing that everyone can agree on is that having a mobile patrol unit dramatically improves security wherever it is situated.

Mobile patrol officers are highly trained and do a lot to ensure security and mitigate any immediate danger. In many cases, they are a better alternative to static patrols. So what exactly is mobile patrol? In this guide, we’ll highlight everything you need to know.

Performing a Wide Range of Security Checks

Mobile patrol units can carry out extensive security checks and surveillance of a large area. For example, when patrolling areas not covered by security cameras, they can check for any signs of criminal activity, inspect doors and windows, and check to see if all the locks are secure. They can also monitor any existing security cameras to respond quickly to threats.

Mobile patrol units can be contracted to carry out several tasks and are trained to handle most security tasks you can think of. This provides an immense level of protection that is otherwise hard to find. Most patrol units are also available on demand and can be hired by individuals and corporations for various needs.

Carrying Out Exterior Patrols

In general, mobile patrol units are responsible for checking and securing the exterior perimeter and outdoor spaces of a designated area. They cover a larger area than static patrol units are able to, especially if they have cars or other vehicles.

Patrol units can also move by foot or car. However, they can cover a larger area when using vehicles, allowing them to keep an eye on the whole site, especially the high-risk areas and entry points. In addition, being mobile ensures that their actions are not as predictable compared to static patrol. Therefore, they are more likely to respond rapidly to security threats and act as virtual deterrents. Considering this, the cost is lower when hiring mobile patrols rather than static patrols in larger service areas.

Surveilling Multiple Locations

Another benefit of mobile patrol officers is their ability to monitor multiple areas in one shift and keep them secure. Although they can move on foot or by bike, cars are the preferred mode of transport as it makes them faster and more effective. They can also cover more ground quickly and respond to emergencies using a quicker vehicle like a car. For example, a company with two warehouses across the street from one another can benefit from having one security team patrol them in shifts. This cuts costs and increases efficiency.

Deterring Potential Crime

Since most mobile patrol officers are often in uniform or in a marked car, their visibility alone can be enough to deter potential criminals; any intelligent criminal does not want to have an encounter with security or law enforcement. A hands-on approach to security concerns is also enough to prevent inspiring criminals from committing the crime; this is why most banks, museums, and condominium buildings have security present and visible.

Mitigating Future Threats

Apart from their rapid response to security threats at the premises, mobile patrols can also implement sound strategies to mitigate future threats. An experienced mobile patrol officer or unit should be able to spot any weaknesses in the premises, point them out and provide an actionable solution for reducing a property’s susceptibility.

One of the ways patrol units spot vulnerabilities and identify any potential incidents is by using the latest security software and tools available. A good mobile patrol unit equipped with this software can analyze multiple factors and gain new insights enabling them to prepare for and mitigate future threats.

Offering Emergency Assistance

Mobile patrol units are trained to act before first responders arrive and offer first aid deemed necessary in case of injury. The injuries don’t always have to be due to a crime; an accident may happen on the premises, and someone could fall, drown or have an allergic reaction. In these cases, mobile patrol officers are more than a set of eyes; they can quickly offer first aid and notify emergency services to help save a life.

Who Is Right For The Job?

When businesses must protect a vast area or building premises, a mobile patrol or security unit is worth considering. However, in cases as we have discussed above, hiring a mobile patrol unit is usually the best option, especially for grounds that are too big for a standard security unit to cover. The benefits of a moving and quick response security force are immense.

Most mobile patrol units operate through a security agency and can be contracted for the short or long term. A professional security agency typically offers on-demand, emergency, and 24-hour services. Although you might find freelance mobile patrol officers, operating through an agency is generally more secure and predictable. Consider our team at Silbar Security for the job; our years of experience and client satisfaction speaks for themselves.

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