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“Silbar Security of Phoenix is veteran-owned and operated, specializing in on-site security officers and roving vehicle patrol services. They are proud to offer law enforcement quality products, services, and technology to their clients. Silbar Security is more than just your average security company more than just you know being a mall cop, we have law enforcement-grade technology, the vehicles, the body-worn cameras, our reporting software, it’s as the tagline says professional security wasn’t available so we fixed it.


Founded by law enforcement professionals, Silbar Security was developed from the ground up by a Norfolk, Virginia police K-9 officer who saw a desperate need for a change in the security industry. It all began when I was a police officer in Norfolk, Virginia, for a Norfolk Police Department police officers occasionally work with security companies and security guards, responding to many calls to assist them, and especially in my market, you know security guards were definitely unprofessional under trained to put it mildly they were subpar at best, and that was one thing that kind of bothered me is working with someone you know who was a first responder like us in many cases and you know I wanted to change that and change that typical security guard stereotype.


Veteran Jason is a former Air Force sergeant and is now the president of the Silbar Security franchise in Phoenix, Arizona. After I left the police department, I started at different franchise ideas or businesses. I wanted to kind of get into security because it was something I was fairly familiar with I looked at some other franchises, and the reason why I went with Silbar was because they were founded by law enforcement they have the nicest vehicles and image is what I liked. 


Silbar Security began franchising in 2016, with most franchisees being former police and veterans they recognized the enormous talent and dedication that veterans bring to their team, which is why they’ve been so passionate about recruiting and hiring these remarkable candidates. The importance of Jason’s background to Silbar Security is two things he’s a former police officer so he already has the law enforcement background, the law enforcement aspects and how it meshes well with the security industry, and then, of course, his military background being in the Air Force has a lot of core values these his morals ethics everything together meshes very well.


Eight years of active duty after that, I moved, I separated, I got on with discharge, and I got hired on with the Phoenix Police Department one of the positions we recently filled was director of plant retention, and we actually filled that spot with a veteran that is a cell Army veteran that has PTSD from serving in Afghanistan you know as a service dog and but very professional, and I knew when he first walked in the door I knew he’s a military guy and just by the way he talked and just the by the way that he presented himself. 


Being founded by law enforcement, that’s not just their tagline it’s who they are, and they take security seriously their goal is to revolutionize the security industry by providing enhanced training and equipping themselves with advanced technologies, including police-grade body-worn video cameras using law enforcement based technology and procedures as well as the use of police grade vehicles. Silbar Security is building a world-class brand they’re bringing together the experience of law enforcement professionals and military veterans they apply their ethical values and morals to prove world-class service, and these factors that make Silbar Security who they are. The leadership within Silbar Security as a whole it’s founded by Brandon who’s prior law enforcement as well just they have the knowledge and the professionalism that I was looking for.”

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