Why Apartment Complex Owners Hire Armed Security Guards

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Armed Security Guards

Many apartment buildings today have armed security guards. This is due to the prevalence of property-related crimes, with 7.2 million reported cases in 2018. These include incidences of personal theft, property break-ins, and motor vehicle damage (due to attempted theft). 

As such, hiring armed security guards is important to ensure your tenants’ safety. It is also crucial to your apartment property’s long-term business and property security. 

What should you look into as an apartment complex owner when it comes to hiring security guards? This article is here to help you find its long-term benefits for your apartment business. Remember, this article is meant for you to protect your tenants and keep your peace of mind in avoiding tense situations, like dealing with the aftermath of property-related crime and your tenants’ concerns. 

Benefits of Armed Security Presence in an Apartment Complex

Take note of the following benefits and the opportunities it brings for you as an apartment complex owner: 

  • The credibility of your apartment complex among local tenants: This is the most important benefit to take note of. You have to remember that you are running a business as a property owner. This means you want existing tenants to keep renting and recommend your complex to their friends and family when there’s a vacancy. The presence of armed security guards is sometimes a deciding factor for tenants looking for a viable place to live. Think of this as preserving your credibility as a responsible and competent apartment complex owner in your local neighborhood. 
  • Avoid costly damage control and property damage: Criminals often damage doors and windows to easily get in and steal as many personal belongings as they can. This is also common among vehicle theft, as burglars attempt to hot-wire a car to drive away with it. Armed security guards prevent these from happening altogether. This means fewer property damages to pay for, allowing you to use your money and resources to expand or maintain your apartment complex. 
  • Have safety and maintenance checks: Routine security checks are a viable service that your armed security guards can provide. They can do inspections by checking the belongings of guests and tenants. They can also roam around the parking lot for surveillance purposes and make sure no suspicious individuals are attempting to steal or damage your tenants’ vehicles. Armed security guards can also apprehend criminals caught in the act and subdue them until the local police arrive. The 24/7 security and welfare of your apartment complex will definitely be in check. 
  • Equipped with a variety of security options: Security companies with armed security guards have a variety of security options for you to take advantage of. This means you can look into expanding your apartment complex business and running different kinds of events. For example, let’s say your tenants are putting together a block party in your neighborhood. You can then hire event security as a means to support them. Consider professional security services as valuable partners in property management and welfare. 


Armed security guards are now a standard in most apartment complexes around America. This is due to the prominence of property crime, but it also has long-term implications on the property’s local credibility and profitability. As an apartment owner, take advantage of professional security companies today to keep yourself and your tenants safe and happy. 

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