Why Security Patrols Are Necessary for Commercial Buildings

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Security patrol is essential to safety and security if you want your commercial property to be thoroughly covered. While cameras and alarm systems are beneficial in their own way, they cannot provide you with the rapid response and active threat deterrence that security personnel does.

At Silbar Security, we implement commercial security solutions across many industries to help keep business owners, staff, and customers safe at all times. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need about hiring patrol security for your commercial property. 

Why Are Security Patrols Necessary?

Hiring a patrol guard or team of guards ensures that your building always has the coverage it needs to remain secure. Security patrols are highly flexible and can be adapted to suit the unique needs and vulnerabilities of each business they serve.

For example, you may enlist mobile security patrol to monitor a perimeter throughout the day and stationary patrol in front of entrances to protect valuables. Alternatively, you could hire security patrol to respond to reports of emergencies from customers or staff. 

Here are five key reasons to hire a professional security patrol for your building:

1. Greater Surveillance 

Unlike CCTV, security patrol guards ensure that your business always has an active presence on the ground. From criminal deterrence to rule enforcement, you can have patrol guards keep your building safe at all times.

Security guards are trained to be vigilant; they know how to spot warning signs of suspicious activity and safeguard properties in ways regular people do not. Their expertise and skill sets allow them to provide your establishment with the highest level of coverage.

2. Criminal Deterrence

Private security has been tried and proven to reduce criminal activity. An on-site security guard  can make would-be perpetrators reconsider targeting a specific building. The added challenge of having to plan around a guard’s schedule can help prevent attempted robberies, as well as lower the risk of general misconduct. 

Furthermore, security patrol officers can take proactive measures to help secure your property. They can monitor surveillance systems, respond to any reports, secure locks and perform security checks to ensure no one can obtain unauthorized access to your building during the day or night.

3. Peace of Mind for Staff and Customers

The presence of a security guard can bring greater peace of mind to people who work for and with your business. With a patrol, people can feel more comfortable arriving and leaving the business at various hours, knowing that a trained guard monitors the property.

Additionally, a mobile security patrol can help ease staff or customer concerns of car thieves or muggings in parking lots or pathways to and from the property, especially during the early hours of the morning or late at night.

4. Reduce Physical Staffing Needs

If you opt for an entirely mobile security patrol, you can gain the surveillance your business needs without hiring your own full-time guards. This makes for a cost-effective security solution that is still efficient at protecting your company and its assets. Route optimization can ensure that even a mobile-exclusive security patrol effectively covers all areas.

5. Respond to Emergencies

Emergency security is a great asset to any business. For example, businesses with a high fire risk can enlist a fire watch patrol to maintain compliance in at-risk areas while ensuring the building is always well-protected and monitored. In the event of a fire, they can swiftly alert the right authorities and follow protocol to evacuate anyone on the property. 

Emergency security can also be on standby as a defensive strategy. If there is a cause for alarm or an urgent situation, the guards can be alerted and provide rapid assistance before further help arrives.

Types of Security Patrols

There are a few different types of security patrols to get acquainted with. At Silbar Security, we specialize in providing three types of commercial security patrols: 

I. Mobile Security

This type of roving patrol uses on-site guards and guards in police-grade vehicles to monitor the perimeter of your property. It’s also possible to use strictly vehicle-based security to survey the exterior of your building if desired.

II. Stationary Patrols

Stationary guards are assigned to a single location, and they remain at their post throughout the duration of their shift. This type of security is common in banks, hotels, and other establishments with a specific high-risk area they want to protect.

III. Emergency Patrols

Emergency security patrol includes fire watching and general surveillance. Guards can be called on at a moments notice and are always on the lookout for potential threats and trained to respond to escalated incidents.

Choosing the Right Patrol

The right type of patrol for you and your building will depend on factors such as the number of people on-site each day, your industry, the valuables on the property, and your current level of security protection. 

Customized security plans include route optimization, security integration, and the implementation of security technology. We take multiple factors into account when planning effective security patrols, such as:

  • Your business’s budget and security needs
  • The layout and size of your property
  • The area of and distance between the spaces that need to be patrolled
  • Your current security defenses (such as alarm systems and cameras)
  • The hours your business operates and risk fluctuations based on times
  • Unique risks your business may have due to the nature of its industry (e.g., a jewelry store is more likely to be burglarized for its inventory than a coffee shop).

Partner with Professional Security Experts

At Silbar Security, nothing is more important than our clients’ safety and security. We strategize with each individual to find the right type of security for their company and work to create a custom plan of action.

After helping you identify the most effective solutions, we implement our defensive measures such as 24-hour emergency response and security guards equipped with law-enforcement grade training.

To learn more about us and what we provide, schedule a free consultation call by contacting us today.

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