Vehicle Patrol

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Silbar Security Patrol Vehicle

Benefits of Security Vehicle Patrols

At Silbar Security, the vehicle patrol service represents our flagship service.

Randomized visits to your property are conducted in our uniquely branded, police-grade vehicles for the highest crime deterrence available.

With our vehicle patrol services, you can expect the following:

  • Random interval visits to your property
  • Officers equipped with police-grade body cameras
  • Foot patrols
  • Parking & Trespassing enforcement
  • Maintenance issues & lights out reporting
  • Rapid response to complaint calls
  • Daily emailed reports
  • Verification of services with GPS accountability

Crime Deterrent Vehicle Presence

Our roving vehicle patrol is a popular cost-effective option for budget restricted properties. A trained Silbar Security® patrol officer visits your property at random intervals in our clearly marked and professional patrol vehicles. Any evidence of criminal activity is accurately recorded, and we notify local law enforcement.

Real-Time Reporting For Ultimate Accountability

Through daily reports, mobile security officers ensure you always have the latest information about your property and its status.

Clients are continuously updated on their level of security, active threats, and suspicious activity. Our officers are also always able to connect via message, radio, or telephone, ensuring that our team and yours can always be in contact, which is especially critical during emergencies.