Why Your Business Needs a Loss Prevention Officer

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Loss Prevention is a must!

Theft is considered one of the top reasons businesses lose millions or even billions in dollars worth of stock. These losses may encompass internal causes such as employee theft, skimming, larceny, or even external causes such as shoplifting or organized crime. To minimize incidents of theft, your business must employ loss prevention security services. What you need will dictate who you hire—whether uniformed or plainclothed security guards who work part-time or full-time. Whatever the case, these are some of the ways working with a security company can improve your business. 

Prevents Crime

The primary objective of any loss prevention strategy is to prevent theft and grow the overall profitability of a business using dedicated resources and customized controls. Policies will target areas of the business that tend to incur losses such as shoplifting, customer safety, cash control, inventory control, and point of sale. 

Some strategies may include implementing surveillance technologies and procedures such as CCTV cameras, improved inventory management, and trained officers. With outsourced help, you can always be on the lookout for suspicious activity to prevent external and even employee theft, which can cause losses in much larger volumes. 

Apprehending Shoplifters and Thieves

Whether an independent store or retail chain, the frequent occurrence of shoplifting can run a business to the ground. Skilled and experienced loss prevention officers can stop crimes before they occur. However, some criminal activities are meticulously planned and difficult to avoid. As such, your appointed prevention loss officer can conduct follow-up investigations to prevent such crimes from occurring in the future.

Cultivate a Sense of Security

To better train staff to adhere to stricter security policies, temporary officers can develop a more security-conscious environment. They can achieve this by evaluating the store’s CCTV system, security tagging, and making recommendations regarding existing security measures. By introducing new measures to prevent employee and external theft, business owners can alleviate much of the stress attached to running a storefront. 

Training Staff

As previously mentioned, your staff must be trained in basic security measures and prevention techniques, to help zero in on what may cause a store to lose money or inventory. Your appointed loss prevention officer should develop thorough security protocols, measures, and procedures that can translate to other working officers.

Rather than limiting this information to specific personnel, utilizing this training must cover all risk areas, including store and field management. To better assess the understanding of your employees, consider looping them into meetings, store audits, or other discussions. If necessary, host a yearly security workshop as a refresher to existing policies and introduction to new ones. 


With the help and expertise of a loss prevention officer, you can significantly reduce the occurrences of internal and external theft. Whatever you invest in your security measures will eventually pay off in increased profits and assets. 

When it comes to preventing losses within your business, there’s no better help than what you’ll get at Silbar Security. Whether in need of a roving patrol or full security detail, we can provide you with the help you need on a long or short-term basis. Look for one near you.

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