4 Benefits Of Hiring Property Concierge Security Services

Concierge Security

Managing the operations of an apartment building or complex is a 24/7 job. Having hundreds of residents and units to protect can be a heavy burden for a property manager. You have to make sure all the building equipment is functioning, the lobbies and hallways are clean, and your clients feel safe and protected within space. 

One of the critical features any premium residential building should have is concierge security personnel to watch over it. Having security at the lobbies and entrances of the building is a common sight in hotels and resorts. Providing that same level of security and service can increase the profile of a residential complex and make it a highly desirable place to live. Here are several more benefits of incorporating concierge security services into your property management plan:

Round-the-clock protection for your residents

Concierge security means having security personnel present in all common areas of your building at all hours of the day. For some prospective clients, security services are a deal-breaker. If you have sophisticated and high-profile residents, they will need the added protection as they tend to attract more unwanted visitors and threats to their security. You can respond to suspicious activity and remove unauthorized personnel from the property at any time to protect the safety of your clients.

Prevent criminal activity

Many crimes that happen in apartment buildings are perpetrated by opportunistic individuals. They can tailgate behind a resident to gain access or burglarize an apartment unit if they think that the certainty of getting caught is low. Concierge security services act as a visual deterrent to would-be criminals. Having closed-circuit television to monitor activity is only useful after the crime has been committed, and an investigation into the incident is requested. On-site security can prevent unauthorized or unregistered people from coming into the building. The mere presence of an officer can discourage perpetrators from attempting to enter. Placing security personnel at your lobbies can stop criminal activity before it happens. 

Personalized service

While having uniformed security can be intimidating to many people, it can be a welcome sight to residents if the personnel have a background in hospitality and are high personable and service-oriented. Concierge security is not just about monitoring and controlling access, but ensuring that occupants feel welcome with familiar faces that greet them each time they leave the front door or come home at the end of the day.

Have trained emergency responders on-site

People can get sick or have an accident at any time, and the chances of needing medical assistance in a building increase when you have hundreds of residents residing in it. Security personnel can protect your customers in case of potential threats, whether it is from theft, a fire, or an earthquake. Many professionals are trained in first aid and can provide invaluable assistance during emergencies. 

When it comes to property management, many functions need your attention. Watching over every resident can be a challenge if you need to attend to various engineering, housekeeping, or financial concerns. Hiring trained professionals may be an excellent way to enhance your operations, provide superior customer service to your residents, and protect your building from natural and human-made threats. 

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