What You Should Know About Security Companies During a Pandemic

Empty store shelves, security in 2020

Security in 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many industries, including security in 2020. Many company operations are on a halt, some security services were also stopped. Even so, this change is only a redirection for most security companies. Apart from the health sector, the nation needs the help of security guards to keep things in order and keep people safe from danger. 

Below is an overview of how security functions during this pandemic and what you should know if you’re considering adding security to your property, establishment, or business. 

The Current Situation: New Role of Security

Social distancing is implemented, and unnecessary going out is prohibited to prevent the virus from further spreading. Malls, restaurants, and other specialty shops have closed because of the limit in their business. Many security personnel lost their jobs. Fortunately, that isn’t the same case for all. Many security companies can shift to redeployment. 

Now that everyone needs to observe self-discipline, integration of security in all public areas and establishments help control the situations.

Some areas around the country set a limit to manage the entrance and departure of people, which resulted in the disruption of the supply chain. However, for grocery stores that need continuity of supply, the situation can be challenging to control. The security personnel’s role is to help manage and control the circumstances. They ensure that all essential workers and services are safe while also following the set guidelines.

High-demand places like hospitals and groceries need security personnel to help with crowd control. These places also need a workforce to ensure that physical distancing is implemented throughout the area. 

Some hospitals were already in lockdown due to a high number of patients. Specific instructions should be followed in several health facilities to ensure that all employees and staff remain safe from the virus. Through the help of security, they can set an entry limit to these buildings. Besides that, security helps in taking the temperature of people, managing lines, and patrolling around. They are now also working as front line workers. 


The Challenge for Security in 2020

Some of these new roles mentioned were not part of the security guards’ original work scope, so most security companies struggle to fill thousands of job vacancies, including outsourcing equipment for temperature checking. They also need to keep in mind that the security personnel’s health is always at stake.

Fortunately, some security companies are already equipped with new technology as alternatives to perform their duties without sacrificing much of their health. Other areas that need constant monitoring can install security software and cameras instead of placing the workforce by the entryway or gate of their properties. That way, there is no need for security personnel’s physical presence, keeping them safe. They can do their job while monitoring from a secure place. 

With the help of new technologies, security guards can now communicate without the need for physical contact. They can use online message boards to send status updates to their respective team about their security situation or communicate any news about the pandemic. 

Another challenge they face is how economic shifts also hit the security business. That being said there is a high demand for their service, they are often working for more hours than they should. This situation should be an opportunity for overtime hours; however, since most clients are also experiencing income issues, security personnel do not always receive the right compensation.


The Potential Resolution

Now is a trying time for everyone, and the best thing people can do is to compromise. Clients should be aware of the risks security personnel take for doing their jobs and why hazard pay and overtime pay are essential. 

On the other hand, security companies should be conscious of the economic situation changes that also affect everyone’s business. It would be great to offer packaged services or discounts during the quarantine period or until things get better.   



Whether there is a virus or not, security plays a vital role in a community. When it comes to keeping people safe and the society organized, they are who you put in front of the line. Security companies also experience challenges like other companies, and their health and safety are always at stake, but their presence is one crucial aspect that people should value.

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