Why Beach Security Is Necessary

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We know that lifeguards are one of the most essential personnel to have at a beach, but what about security guards? You may not think a beach needs a proper security team, but they can benefit from surveillance and protection just as much as anywhere else.

In fact, with so many people coming and going each day, proper security is essential to beach safety and even environmental protection. At Silbar Security, we can provide private and public beach security to help maintain order, safety, and reduce instances of violence, vandalism, or other threats.

Why You Should Hire Beach Security

Beach security can help protect public and private beaches, offering management teams and guests peace of mind. There are thousands of beaches across the United States that attract thousands of people throughout the year. Many beaches have over 2,000 people visiting each day alone.

Private beaches are beaches set aside only for personal use, so preventing trespassing is a primary security goal. For public beaches, security guards can maintain a safe environment by ensuring civil order and helping to prevent common crime.

Secure Private Beaches

You may have a sign that says access is off-limits, but trespassers won’t be swayed by it if they’re determined to get on the beach. It can be difficult for resorts and hotels to monitor every foot of their beach at all times, leading to unauthorized people or trespassers gaining access.

Private beach security guards are positioned at designated entry points to control access. They also keep an eye out for any attempts to enter the beach and ensure no one but approved people are given access. 

Furthermore, they will enforce your private beach’s rules to make sure people behave appropriately at all times. This can include enforcing a dress code, food policy, noise rules, and equipment restrictions.

Secure Public Beaches

Beach management attends to the safety of its attendees as well as the environment. With so many people on a public beach, there is a considerably elevated risk of littering, pollution, and water contamination.

Hiring beach security guards ensures that beach policies are enforced at all times. When someone violates the rules, they are approached and given a warning. If need be, they can be removed from the beach without disrupting others. 

Management can reduce stress, save money, and lower risks by having security guards onsite during operating hours. And during off-hours, guards can prevent trespassers from gaining unauthorized access and misusing the beach.

Protect Beachgoers and Staff Members

Security guards offer greater protection to people on the beach as well as any staff that works there, such as lifeguards, maintenance, and resort staff. Security guards can also work at restaurants with private beach access to ensure diners remain safe at all times, even when they leave the restaurant to walk along the beach. From spotting threats like broken bottles to maintaining the peace, beach security guards ensure that public and private beaches remain safe for everyone.

Better Maintain the Beach Landscape

Litter is a significant concern for beach management. In addition to making the beach more risky for visitors, it can also cause contamination and pollute the ocean. Security guards can maintain strict no-littering policies on your beach and appropriately fine anyone who breaks the rules.

Receive Personalized Reports

Security guards provide daily updates about your beach, including any noteworthy observations they made, incidents that occurred, or threats that were prevented. Silbar Security uses our own software to help guards generate the most useful daily reports for every client, personalized to support their unique needs. 

With daily reports, you can feel more confident knowing that your beach is thoroughly protected. New insights mean you can take the necessary steps to secure any risks and make improvements that enhance your beach experience. 

Your beach security guards will strategize with you, ensuring that any safety measures you take align with security best practices. These include creating patrol routes, securing entry and exit points, and establishing proper surveillance protocols.

Responsibilities of a Beach Security Guard

Security guards on beaches perform various duties that ensure everyone stays safe and the environment is not damaged by beachgoer activity. Below are some of the responsibilities your beach security may fulfill:

  1. Regularly patrolling the beach to establish their presence and maintain order
  2. Monitoring vehicles and ensuring parking rules are followed
  3. Reviewing surveillance camera footage and addressing any suspicious activity
  4. Investigating reports of unlawful or suspicious activity
  5. Providing guidance to beachgoers that approach with questions

Writing daily reports for beach management that review important incidents or address any identified threats. 

Beach security guards can collaborate with beach staff to improve communication and protection throughout the beach. They also stand as a point of contact for staff and beachgoers if they ever notice something suspicious or need assistance.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Beach Security Guard?

When you work with Silbar Security, pricing will be personalized based on several factors. We will first address how many guards would benefit your property based on its size, the number of visitors and staff, and its hours of operation.

We will also explore whether armed or unarmed security guards would be beneficial and determine if you need guards to perform patrols on foot, by vehicle, or both. Furthermore, we’ll discuss how long you’re looking to work with a security team and how many hours a day you would need their services. Altogether, these factors help us build a fair plan for custom security services that accommodate your needs.

Custom Security – Built for You

Silbar Security is in the business of making security personal and excellent. Our law-enforcement grade technology and police-level training ensure that our guards are equipped to handle anything on the job.

From a private beach on your own property to beaches serving hundreds or thousands of visitors a day, our guards are available to offer the level of protection you need. If you would like to learn more about our security services, please contact us today and book a free consultation with one of our security experts.

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