When To Hire An Armed Security Company

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Once you decide to acquire security services, you must decide between armed and unarmed security guards. Both are equally trained to identify threats, intervene at a moment’s notice, and keep a property and/or people safe. Armed security guards are the same as unarmed guards except for one key difference: they are exclusively trained and licensed to use a firearm. 

This makes some people feel safer, whereas others find it slightly off-putting, and they even fear that the presence of an armed guard signals that the place they are in is dangerous. If you are trying to decide between hiring an armed vs. unarmed security guard, this post will walk you through the benefits of armed security and the situations where it delivers the most significant benefit.

What is the Role of Armed Security?

Qualified security officers are always there to maintain a safe and peaceful environment. This includes:

  • Continuously monitoring surveillance cameras
  • Responding to any reported concerns
  • Investigating any suspicious activity 
  • Controlling access to buildings
  • Checking and verifying IDs 
  • Detaining any criminals on a property
  • Enforcing applicable local, state, and federal laws
  • Conducting routine patrols to prevent criminal activity
  • Writing detailed reports for you to understand your security needs and risks better

Armed guards are not there to abuse their weapons or engage in intimidation tactics. Instead, they are on-site to provide support and respond to threats as needed. Good security is reliable and adaptable. When hiring a security team, you should look for an armed security company with a comprehensive training program. Guards should have to pass criminal background checks, complete extensive training, and hold valid security and firearm licenses in their state.

Reasons to Hire Armed Security

There are different scenarios in which an armed security presence can be more helpful than unarmed guards. Below are the most common scenarios in which working with an armed security company can be beneficial.

Your Business Is Located in an Area With a High Crime Rate

Any establishment or facility in a high-crime community may benefit from armed guards on their premises. You can employ your team to deter criminals during the day and patrol your property at night. Operating in areas with moderate to high crime rates, especially violent crimes, requires a more proactive approach to security. 

Your Business Holds Valuable Assets

Assets like jewelry and large sums of money put your business at a higher risk of theft. The presence of armed security could serve as a deterrent to potential robbers and thieves. Security can also accompany you whenever you are transporting goods to avoid being targeted on the road.

You Need to Protect a Large Group of People

Whether you are a commercial business or hosting an event, large crowds automatically increase the risk of public disturbances and criminal activity. In these situations, it’s best to have armed guards who can easily regain control and direct people to safety if a problem arises. 

Your Property Needs 24-hour Protection

Some businesses and residential communities need on-call security at all hours of the day and night. Armed guards can offer greater protection should a violent crime or threat occur on your property. To determine whether armed security is right for your business, ask yourself:

  • Is my threat level high enough to warrant armed protection?
  • Do I want the visual presence of a guard to help deter criminals? 
  • Do I need to protect a large number of people from threats? 
  • Is there a higher risk of crime and violence in my business/community/event?
  • Are there any valuables or assets on my property that make my business more of a target? 

Businesses more likely to be targeted by criminals can often deter suspicious individuals with an armed officer on-site. Furthermore, armed guards can be a strong visual reminder to maintain self-composure in crowds that may have a risk of becoming rowdy or dangerous. If you are unsure how to answer any of these questions, contact us. We can help walk you through a risk assessment to determine which types of security would be best for your business or event.

Are Guards with Firearms Necessary?

While having an armed guard on site is not always necessary, having a security guard on-site to protect your business, staff, and customers could prove lifesaving in a high-risk situation. While protection is the primary reason businesses opt for armed security, there are some other reasons they are beneficial as well. First, these guards are highly skilled individuals with weapons training. Their background ensures that they have completed extensive skills training and are well-versed in threat detection, criminal apprehension, and deterrence.

In some cases, an unarmed guard may seem merely an obstacle to overcome or outsmart a determined criminal. Armed guards, on the other hand, pose a much greater challenge to them. In many cases, simply knowing that a guard with a firearm works on a property is enough to make criminals avoid a location. While unarmed and armed security is beneficial, guards with firearms can respond rapidly in high-risk situations. Sometimes, there is simply not enough time to wait for law enforcement to arrive on a scene.

People need guards trained to use a weapon to secure the situation. This could simply mean detaining and holding a criminal until the police can take over. Or it could mean taking additional steps to prevent someone from harming innocent people. Armed guards are often kept on a property to protect valuables and dissuade would-be robbers and criminals from stealing them. They can be equally helpful if you are transporting valuable assets, such as jewelry or large sums of money.

Choosing the Right Security for Your Needs

At Silbar Security, we help every client find the perfect security solutions for their business. Our trained officers are there to respond anytime and offer the protection you need. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation and learn more about our service offerings and how we can help you.

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