Why Hire an Armed Security Guard?

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Armed and unarmed security guards benefit your business, but each serves different functions. An armed security guard is able to provide the most intensive level of intervention in high-risk scenarios. They may not be suitable or necessary for every business or event, so choosing one based on need is key. The wrong placement of an armed security guard can have an adverse effect on customers. They may interpret the presence of an armed guard as a signal of potential danger on your premises rather than a sign of safety, or alternatively; they may feel safer with armed security present. If you are exploring your security options, this post will help you understand the purpose and benefits of hiring armed security.

What Do Armed Security Guards Do?

An armed security officer can protect customers and businesses from severe harm. In situations where others’ lives are in jeopardy, an armed guard can intervene and prevent tragedy. They are not trained to escalate situations or respond aggressively by default. Instead, they follow standard de-escalation procedures but are trained to use a firearm in extreme situations and when necessary. In instances where business security is involved, there are times when a perpetrator may confront customers or staff with a weapon. For example, a retail associate could face an armed intruder who wishes to rob the store. In this case, an armed security guard could intervene and secure the situation until law enforcement arrives.

Some of the responsibilities of an armed security guard include the following:

  • Patrolling premises for signs of crime
  • Responding to reports from staff, customers, or tenants
  • Addressing security concerns from owners 
  • Monitoring valuables that are susceptible to theft
  • Offering 24-hour protection to communities 
  • Standing post outside of high-risk locations
  • Managing large crowds that have a greater risk of violence 

Ultimately, an armed guard is just as effective as an unarmed guard. The difference lies in their weapons training and ability to use a firearm if needed. Officers from Silbar Security always aim to take the peaceful road first; we train our guards to recognize warning signs of potential violence and de-escalate situations using appropriate strategies.

Who Benefits From an Armed Security Guard?

In many cases, the presence of an armed guard is beneficial. For example, seeing a guard with a holstered firearm can deter potential criminals from targeting a location. Even someone who has already incited an incident is often more likely to retreat when they realize an armed guard is on-site. Anyone who feels they need the additional protection can benefit from an armed guard. However, it’s important to note that none of our officers will act with violence unless it is necessary. Silbar Security armed guards are licensed and trained to handle firearms but are also trained in various non-lethal methods that help them defend and restrain criminals. They will always choose the least aggressive tactics to minimize harm and injury to everyone involved.

Businesses that operate in a location with a high crime rate can benefit from armed security guards, especially if they have a history of break-ins, robberies, and other violent crimes. The presence of an armed guard may also bring comfort to staff and customers in these situations. Event holders catering to large crowds can also benefit from armed security. Although they will never harm someone without due cause, they can quickly intervene and secure dangerous situations that could threaten people’speople’s safety.

5 Benefits of Armed Security

There are a plethora of reasons why business owners, event managers, or building administrators may choose to hire armed security. Aside from the case-by-case reasons, five general benefits of hiring armed security include the following.

1. Greater Level of Protection

An armed guard can provide the highest level of protection in a dangerous situation. If another threatens someone’ssomeone’s life, the guard is trained to use a lethal weapon and protect innocent people. In light of recent public events, many establishments find that hiring armed security also brings them and their patrons a greater sense of safety.

2. Top-of-the-Line Training

All of Silbar Security’sSecurity’s guards are trained thoroughly, and our armed officers are trained even further on handling and using a lethal weapons. They know when and how to use a firearm effectively and prevent collateral damage. Furthermore, our guards are all trained using law enforcement techniques that help them effectively communicate with people, de-escalate dangerous situations, and resolve many problems peacefully.

3. Rapid Response to Crime

In a threatening situation, the response of an armed guard can be life-saving. Having someone on the scene to restrain a criminal immediately is highly valuable for a business. You can ensure that there will always be a trained guard to help secure a situation until local law enforcement arrives.

4. Intense Surveillance

At Silbar Security, we employ honorably discharged military veterans who know how to recognize threats that are not always obvious to the untrained eye. You can feel confident knowing the guard you work with has an extensive security and military operations background. They possess the discipline and skills to perform comprehensive surveillance during day and night shifts. Our team is here for you whether you want someone to patrol your store during the day or an armed security guard to watch over valuables at night.

5. Criminal Deterrence

Private security can help improve safety in public areas and residential communities. Research shows that banks that employ armed guards are 35-40% less likely to be robbed. While some criminals are determined to commit crimes no matter what, the presence of an armed officer is a strong deterrent in most cases. While they may not be able to deter every crime, an armed guard can respond rapidly to any threats that arise on your property. They are trained to intercept and restrain criminals before they can cause harm.

Hire the Right Professionals for Your Needs

Personalized security solutions are our specialty. You can learn more about us and what we provide by visiting our security services page. We are here to help you explore all your options and design a custom security package that suits your needs. If you are interested in hearing how we can help you, please contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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