What Is Security Patrol Service and When Do You Need It?

Security Patrol Service

Security Patrol Service

Hosting an event will require you to set up several logistical prerequisites. For example, you will need to handle catering services and venue reservations for a concert. In another situation, you may need extra logistics crews for your corporate event. What remains constant in an event manager’s checklist of things to do is hiring security services. There are different security services you can book for your event, each providing a valuable reinforcement of your venue’s protection. It’s a necessary addition that you must include in your event’s planning stages, especially when you have plenty of ground to cover. This is where security patrol services come in.

What does a security patrol service do?

Security guards on patrol inspect, monitor, and take action on security incidents. Unlike traditional security guards, they move from place to place to reinforce the safety of your clients, guests, residents, and workers to prevent any uninvited individuals in your property. Besides preventing criminal acts, they are also useful in coordinating an immediate and organized response against different natural emergencies. Patrols oversee all the boundaries of your property by getting in touch with a respective supervisor. Your hired security personnel are usually at checkpoint locations to begin and rotate their rounds in different shifts. They follow a random yet organized route and shifting schedule to ensure that criminals can’t break in and predict the patrol timings. Your security personnel will have the standard set of security equipment to help them perform their job, from communication devices to pepper sprays. Since state rulings on gun laws differ, not all security firms can offer armed personnel due to local policies.

Are there different types of security patrol services?

Private security companies offer two types of security patrols based on their contracts. Although they generally perform the same tasks, their equipment may vary. Foot patrols actively walk through our site and can attentively survey potential security incidents throughout your property. This includes open windows, broken doors, or trespassers. They will record and notify their respective superiors immediately to confirm the necessary response to these security risks. Vehicle security patrols are more common for larger sites and venues. They usually use golf carts, motorcycles, and bicycles to patrol the outskirts of your property. Their mobility allows them to make shorter intervals between roving shifts and will enable them to mobilize faster during emergencies. Each security patrol type has its advantages over the other, with one being more effective in particular scenarios. However, you can use both types in tandem to provide immediate and precise safety measures on your property.

When do I need a security patrol service?

As mentioned above, one of their most common uses is for corporate and commercial events. However, many businesses opt to contract security guard firms to increase their mobile security. Different sectors have valuable uses for short-term and long-term collaborations with these firms to ensure their business’s safety.  Industries such as hospitality, construction, and even farming can hire a security guard firm, especially if they have a large property. If you belong to any of these sectors or need a specific security contract for your business location, you will need to hire a security patrol service.


Having access to security patrol services is an excellent way for business owners to invest in their company’s security. By employing extra muscle on your side, you can ensure that break-ins and intruders will be less likely with them around. If you need security services in Northern Virginia, VA, our professional contractors will be ready to assist you with your business’s needs. We can provide you with different security solutions, from vehicle patrol to armed officers. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can keep you safe from harm!

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