Security Guard Misconceptions: What You Need to Know

Security Guard

Security Guard Misconception

Security is a non-negotiable for any business, and your job as a business owner is to ensure that all your employees and customers are safe. All you need to do is simply hire a security guard. However, you may have your doubts about hiring security personnel because of what you hear from other business owners and read on the Internet. 

Together, we will delve deeper into the common security guard misconceptions. We will discuss three common myths about security guards that need to be addressed. Take this article as an opportunity to be confident with the next professional security guards you hire for your business. Remember—the safety and welfare of your business depend on it. 

Myth # 1: Security companies don’t train their security guards. They only provide them with convincing uniforms and toy guns. They add nothing to your business! 

There is a toxic stereotype propagated among business owners that security guards are not trained to handle safety concerns, and it needs to stop. It is insulting to hear that security guards don’t undergo training because that’s not the case at all. Security companies beg to differ!

The reality is that security guards are required to undergo a rigorous training process before they can be deployed anywhere. For instance, if you visit our employment page on Silbar Security, you will see that we require all our security guards to complete all their training and security documents. 

Remember to treat your security guards with respect the next time you see them on business premises. They trained hard to be where they are, and they are in service to you, your employees, and customers. You can also ask them about any security concerns you would like to investigate further and maintain your business’s overall safety and security. 

Myth # 2: Security Guards only handle minor crimes, so you don’t need them, especially if your business is in a low-crime area. And you have the police to rely on anyway! 

You need to remember that crime and security concerns are a daily struggle, and you need to be prepared for anything. Even low-crime areas can become infiltrated by criminals because security protocols in these areas are often more relaxed and easy to bypass. 

Relying on the police to protect your business places it in danger because you won’t have access to 24/7, reliable security. Police serve different clients daily, and they may not even have enough time to tend to your business’s security concerns. 

That’s why you need security guards on your business premises to ensure safety and security and, at least, take control of a situation until the cops can help. Security guards are also trained and licensed to use firearms in case of a worst-case scenario. 

Myth # 3: Security companies are costly, and they often charge a high rate for security guards. You are wasting valuable business funding! 

You may not want to hire a security guard because of what is popularly propagated by Hollywood, where movie stars are often seen with tons of security personnel surrounding them. 

That is also why many business owners and security companies have certain expectations for security guards, like a bodybuilder-like physique, deep voice, and commanding presence. But all these stereotypical qualities fall flat during real emergencies that can cost your business thousands of dollars.  

We at Silbar Security believe that business owners like you deserve the best security services, even with a budget. We also do our best to listen to your concerns and clarify other misconceptions that you may have about security guards. Contact us if you have any clarifications, and we can find ways to protect your business. 


Security guards are essential to your business’s safety, welfare, and reputation, and you should partner with the best security company to provide you with that. It’s also better than relying on hearsay or conspiracies that can leave your business vulnerable to many threats. Find the best security company and protect your business effectively. 

Are you looking for the best security guards in your town? Partner with us at Silbar Security, your professional security company. We have different security solutions for your business and cover different states across the country. Call us today and maintain your business’s trustworthiness among your customers and employees.

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