Weapons Security: The Ins And Outs And Why You Need It For Public Spaces

weapons security

Weapons Security Done Right

With the threats of terrorism on the rise all over the world, governments and even businesses have been switching to weapons-based security for an added edge against these threats. It’s true what they say, that a bad guy with a weapon can only be stopped by a good guy with a weapon that is either proportionate in terms of force or even more deadly. In America alone, the security and defense industry have been bumped up and been given utmost importance after the events of 9/11. America after that saw a rise in armed security and increased measures to detect dangers in public spaces and airports.

Additionally, the rise of mass shootings all over the country, targeting different places like schools, churches, and different groups of people have started a painful awareness of dangers. Threats like these are likely to keep occurring on US soil for the foreseeable future, which is why weapons security is becoming increasingly popular. 

The Two Major Components Of Security Threats From Deadly Weapons

The first component is the weapons themselves. Detecting them at the earliest possible moment using detectors and perhaps trained K-9 units is key. Detecting weapons can be done easily because of the metal components these weapons contain. The second one is the human element. A trained security agent can read body languages, such as shady eye movements, facial expressions, and postures. When plotting major acts of terrorism, these are likely nerve-wracking for the terrorist and can be often detected by trained professionals

Weapons security can only be completed when both these components are controlled. Those in charge of security must ask themselves what measures to take, what kind of equipment is necessary, and what kind of professionals to hire for security. When these are determined, weapons can be easily managed and threats are dismantled easily. 

Ins And Outs Of Weapon Security

In addition to the equipment employed to deter threats, additional measures exist that personnel can utilize to prevent weapons from entering the wrong areas:

No Bags Or Clear Bags Only Policies

While airports utilize the clear bag solution for carrying proper amounts of liquid onto planes, public spaces for leisure as well as high-density events can be safer with a no-bag policy. This makes it difficult to hide firearms and weapons or even explosives from security. This must be used in conjunction with human operators to maximize effectiveness. 

Pre-Sweeping Premises

Sweeping a venue for potential areas where weapons and bombs can be hidden is integral in keeping people safe. By inspecting areas with a lot of crevices, cracks, or even keeping garbage bins clear until the day of an event, this will ensure the better overall security of a location. 

Crowd Control

In events security, controlling queues at checkpoints and identifying questionable behaviors of attendees is crucial in safety. As mentioned above, people who have something to hide exhibit body language that is suspicious, and a sense of disinterest in what is going on. When this occurs, this is a sign that either someone is on drugs, or has negative intentions. 


Having a mix of trained security personnel and gadgets like detectors as well as K-9 units is integral in public space security. While airports have most threats locked down and have over a decade of strict procedures, public spaces still receive plenty of weapons threats, costing lives in the process. To be safe and to ensure successful events, investing in a good weapons security agency is important. 

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