What Events Need Security Personnel? – What to Know

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Do You Need Security for Your Event?

If you’re holding an event, then you want to make sure that it will go as smoothly as possible. One of the prime considerations you have as an event handler would be peace and order—so how exactly do you maintain these at an event? 

Aside from having strategic access points, there also needs to be people who will guard the place and ensure that everything’s in order. That’s when you need to consider if your event requires security officers

Armed Security v.s. Unarmed Security

The first consideration to make would be whether to hire armed or unarmed officers. There are pros and cons to each, and you must weigh it properly to make sure your event goes smoothly. 

When you have armed security at an event, it gives a different perception to the general public—there’s a bit of gravitas with having firearms present in your event. Moreover, due to the fact that firearms are involved, these types of security officers undergo more training—meaning that they would cost a lot more. Aside from that, armed officers can use lethal force when needed, so it may escalate a non-threatening situation to have them there.

Therefore, you need to think about the type of event that you’re going to host when you are choosing between armed and unarmed officers. One thing’s for sure, if alcohol will be served, it’s best to have armed security in place. 

Here are some of the events that require security officers: 


Concerts are big events that can have up to hundreds or even thousands of participants. Since there are a lot of people, they may be difficult to manage. Therefore, to ensure that everyone is safe and secure, deploying security officers around the area can help maintain a bit of order for everyone involved. When getting security officers for an event, measure the size of the event and determine the number of security officers that you will need for the space and the foot traffic. 


Festivals and carnivals involve a huge amount of people, and there’s also bound to be alcoholic beverages present. The large crowds, paired with intoxicated event-goers, can quickly turn into a chaotic mob if not handled properly. Security officers can help protect the employees and patrons in such a situation, deterring potential criminals from wreaking havoc in your event. 

Political Gatherings

Due to the status of the people in politics, they will most definitely need their own protection around. An effective way to protect politicians is by hiring security officers to act as bodyguards. Aside from that, security officers can also help manage the crowd, especially if things go haywire. 

Grand Openings

Grand openings can apply to many things, such as opening a restaurant, a salon, a casino, or any other establishment. These events invite quite a huge number of people, and it can spell disaster when the crowds are not managed properly. Having security officers can easily help protect a business from a public disaster. 


Since a wedding is a special occasion, the couple wants things to go as smoothly as possible. There are many issues that could arise at weddings and can potentially ruin a special day. As such, weddings may also need the help of security officers to help ensure that the event will go as smoothly as possible. 


There are many things that can go wrong at events, especially when you have something as mercurial as an intoxicated event goer. An effective way to manage the crowds is to hire security personnel to help ensure peace and order. 

Do you need security services for your event? Here at Silbar Security, we have well-trained security officers to help your events run smoothly. Contact us today.

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