Is Your Business Secure? 4 Major Risks to Security After Hours

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Small businesses and major corporations alike face many security threats at all hours of the day. As such, you need a reliable security company with a thorough knowledge of your business and your location for your peace of mind and continued success.

As a business owner, you can’t skimp out on your property’s security—even after office hours. You should be able to identify vulnerabilities and weak points and fill in those gaps to ensure that your business remains a safe place. 

To help you in identifying these, here are four major security risks you should watch out for:


Unoccupied Buildings

Some crimes are all about timing. It’s much easier to infiltrate a building when only a few people are inside! Small crimes, such as vandalism and loitering, may not impact your business very much—but burglary and property damage can cost you a lot of money.

Your security choices depend on your specific risks. If your building is in a bad neighborhood, you may need monitored cameras along with security patrols and physical entry security. If your building is next to an empty lot, you may need extra patrols to keep out trespassers. If your company houses sensitive client data, then your server room will need its own 24/7 security system.

Assess your situation first, and then act accordingly!

The Safety of Your Employees After Hours

Not all workers are productive during office hours, and some may need to work overtime to finish an assigned task. Employees working overtime or on flexible hours need protection, too—even when it’s off business hours.

If your business has night shift workers, full security measures should be in place at all times. Live cameras can help in monitoring dark parking lots and office hallways. In that same vein, coded access control keeps intruders away from offices at all times.  


Negligence of Third Party Vendors

You may have third party vendors at your office space at odd hours of the day, like your cleaning services, to name one. After all, the most efficient time to clean an office is when no one is in it! You may also have deliveries and repairs on weekends and after office hours, so they’ll likely enter the premises when hardly anyone is around.

It’s important to keep a close eye on services that aren’t under your direct management. Remember, they cannot be used as extra security—they’re not working for you in that way, after all! As such, you will need security to keep track of their actions while they’re on your premises. A late-night janitor may forget to lock your back exit and leave your building vulnerable to a burglary attempt.


Fires and Other Natural Disasters

Dormant operations are susceptible to natural disasters and unexpected events, such as electrical shorts, a broken water main, or the combustion of stored chemicals. The potential damage is much higher when these occur after hours because no one can do damage control right away!

Alarm systems are crucial for fire- and flood-prone areas. Meanwhile, roving security guards can help catch emergencies, be it a broken pipe in a bathroom or a leak in the ceiling. 



Security risks and corresponding security plans depend on your business location and your employee hours. Performing a thorough risk assessment will tell you what systems need to be in place to keep your business and your employees safe 24/7. With security technology and the criminal element continually evolving, all systems need to be periodically updated.

Is your business in need of industry-trusted security guards, vehicle patrol, and other security services? At Silbar Security, we strive to make clients, employees, and customers feel safe. Get in touch with us and let us help you find the security solution you need today!

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