5 Ways to Secure Access to Your Business’s Property

security needs in company

Security Needs

Seeing your office space expand as your business grows is a fulfilling experience for any business owner. Witnessing its growth lets you feel how much your hard work has paid off. Alongside the expansion of your business, your security needs will grow, especially when you deal with money or expensive products or services.

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to keep your office, especially your employees, safe at all times. To do that, you should employ strict security measures from locks to monitoring systems. This is particularly important for businesses that accept customers into their offices.

To help you out, here are five ways you can tighten and improve the security system in your company office or warehouse:

Using restricted keys

Start with your door locks to ensure security in your office. Switch from using regular locks to restricted locks for additional safety. These locks are specially made by locksmiths who the product manufacturers work with. As such, they cannot be easily duplicated or broken by regular individuals who attempt to burgle your property.

Regularly changing door and window locks 

Although restricted locks are said to further secure your property, you shouldn’t be too confident that they won’t break after prolonged usage. Most companies change their locks every two years. However, it would be better to change them more often, especially if a break-in happens nearby. If you have lost your keys or a company asset was stolen, it would be best to immediately change your locks even if you don’t think it’s necessary.

Creating a master key system

By creating a master key system, you will exactly know which key fits for any lock. You will also be able to track who among your employees have access to them. That way, you can easily track down persons or events once a break-in happens in your property. 

Utilizing a coded lock system

If you want to save costs without compromising your company property’s safety and security needs, consider switching from traditional locks to coded locks. That way, you will only need to change codes instead of changing your locks. Aside from that, your employees can have immediate access to particular areas in your office without waiting for the management to open it for them.

Maintaining a written log

To limit the access of your company property to the public, consider having a written record at your entrance. Tell your security guard to require each employee, guest, and customer to write their name and contact information at the entrance logbook. Doing so will make it easier to investigate any incident since you will have records of each person who has entered your property.


Alongside improving your sales and services, you should also ensure the safety and security of your company property at all times. There are many ways you can do that to tighten your property access, including changing locks regularly and creating a written log. However, if you want to ensure better security needs, you should employ a security guard to monitor the ins and outs of individuals and items in your property.

If you need security services for your office, get in touch with us today. Our security company will ensure your property’s safety and security with security guards to look after your office and monitor access.

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