5 Security Mistakes that Can Endanger Your Gated Community

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Security Challenges

One of the most attractive benefits of living in gated communities is security. It is an ever-present concern for the safety of your community, family, and property. However, even with the enhanced security that a gated community offers, there are still some common security challenges when it comes to their management.

In this article, we are going to talk about some security mistakes commonly made in gated communities and offer suggestions on how to possibly address them.

#1: Relying on your gate

The presence of a gate brings an imposing message of security, but it will not deter every single threat that is out there. Electronically controlled and unguarded gates can still be hacked into and manipulated by particularly skilled burglars and criminals. As such, it is important to invest in the services of a security agency

#2: Gaps in shifts

It is not unheard of for criminals to spy on the security staff of a gated community to observe for lapses. Gaps in the shifts of security officers, even for a few minutes, can give the most determined burglar enough time to breach the fences of a gated community. This is just one of the many security challenges you can face.

Make sure to talk to your security agency about appropriately scheduled shift changes with overlapping times, or to have more than one security officer assigned at a time to account for bathroom breaks and emergencies.

#3: Not have direct contact with security staff

The larger the community is, the more important this area of security is. Residents should always have a direct line of communication with the security officers. This may come in the form of a direct line to the security hubs or even just a contact number for residents to call. 

#4: Bad visitor logs

Most gated communities register the names of visitors at their gates. Few communities take the more important details, like times of arrival and departure, into account. This is especially important in the event that a security breach does happen, as these critical records may help law enforcement officials in possible investigations. 

#5: Lack of awareness and knowledge in residents

It is important to keep the residents of a gated community aware of every security measure taken to protect them. Whether this education comes through pamphlets, handbooks, or community meetings, it is important to keep residents informed so that they can tailor their habits and security practices to fit the community better.

It can also help local residents if the security staff of a gated community has direct contact with local law enforcement. Such connections keep the security officers aware of the types of criminal activity common in their location, to which they can tailor their security measures as needed. 

In conclusion

A gated community needs to take whatever security measures it can against criminality and chaos. Taking note of the common security challenges when trying to protect a community can go a long way towards preventing them, thereby keeping the residents’ families and properties safe and secure.

If you’re looking for a security company to manage the safety of your gated community, send us a message at Silbar Security Services. We have the expertise and security measures needed to keep you and your community safe.

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