What Are the Qualifications to Become a Security Guard?

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Working as a security guard can be a rewarding career for those interested in the security industry and public safety. As a security guard, you are in charge of detecting and preventing criminal activities, monitoring surveillance systems, and responding to emergencies.

Before pursuing a career as a security guard in the United States, it is essential first to learn the general qualifications needed for the position. While specific requirements vary by state and each recruiting company, the primary security guard qualifications are generalized and sought after across the nation. That said, in this article, we will cover some of the crucial insights on how to become a security guard.

A Clean Background Check

Security guards must undergo a background check due to the nature of their work. This ensures that the candidate has no criminal history and is credible for the job. A background check may involve a review of your criminal record, job history, and education credentials. It is always difficult for a candidate with a criminal history to qualify for the position. This is because if a firm hires a convicted criminal, whether they are aware of it or not, the guard’s background could be used against them if something goes wrong, and the company could be sued.

Proper Education & Training

While a high school diploma or GED is required, some businesses may prefer candidates who have additional education or specialized security guard qualifications. Some skills that may improve work opportunities include criminal justice, public safety, and law enforcement courses or experience. Completing security guard-specific training programs from state-approved training centers gives you a competitive advantage over other candidates. These courses cover topics such as report writing, first aid, emergency response, and security law.

Minimum Age Requirement

Meeting the age limit is one of the essential prerequisites for becoming a security guard. As a candidate, you must typically be at least 18 years old to be considered for a position. In certain states, the minimum age limit is higher, such as 21 years old for armed security guards. Before seeking a career as a security guard, check your state’s age requirements.

Necessary Certification and Licensing

Many states in the USA require individuals to have a license or certification as part of the essential qualifications to become a security guard. Depending on the state, licensing criteria may include passing a background check, completing a training program, and taking an examination. Some states may also require your fingerprints or that you pay an application fee. Understanding your state’s licensing regulations will help you take the appropriate steps to get the necessary license or certification.

Physical Fitness Assessment

Working as a security guard might involve standing or patrolling for extended periods and responding to physical emergencies or confrontations. As a result, a certain level of fitness is usually required. While no special fitness tests are needed as part of the qualifications to become a security guard, it is vital to be in good general health and capable of undertaking the job’s essential duties. Maintaining a healthy routine and staying physically active can help you meet the role’s physical demands.

Solid Interpersonal and Communication Skills

As a security guard, you will often find yourself interacting with employees, clients, and members of the general public. Your ability to communicate both verbally and in writing portrays a sense of professionalism. That’s not all; strong interpersonal skills, like active listening and conflict resolution skills, are useful for dealing with scenarios that may emerge on duty. Finally, it’s important to be resilient, able to work under pressure and communicate effectively in challenging circumstances.

High Integrity and Ethical Behavior

Security guards are entrusted with the duty of protecting people and property. Most employers look for applicants who demonstrate high integrity, honesty, and ethical behavior. Maintaining confidentiality, protecting privacy, and conforming to professional codes of conduct are all part of this. In the security profession, candidates with a solid sense of morality and a commitment to complying with the law and regulations are highly valued.

Effective Decision Making Skills

In case of an emergency, a security officer must be able to assess and make quick decisions because someone’s well-being might be at stake. They must evaluate particular risks while distinguishing potential harm to themselves or others. They may also have to prioritize their pursuit of multiple suspects. Therefore, effective decision-making is critical to their role in ensuring security and safety.

Are You Suitable for a Security Guard Position?

A security guard’s responsibilities include inspecting facility entries and exits, patrolling, monitoring security systems, and screening for safety. They are even sometimes called upon to testify in court. Others are assigned to patrol specific areas, while others remain stationary using surveillance equipment. Whatever position they hold, being a security guard is one of the most rewarding jobs you can hold. However, being a competent security guard entails exceptional professional training and recruitment. That’s where we at Silbar Security come in.

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