The Benefits of Manned Guards for Businesses

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Surveillance cameras and alarm systems are excellent ways to safeguard your property, but there is one drawback to these types of security measures: they cannot prevent crimes from happening. Moreover, they cannot provide the rapid response required to keep employees and customers safe during a robbery or other incident.

While we encourage business owners to institute as many security measures as possible to protect their property and personnel, the benefits and importance of having trained security officers onsite can not be overstated. In this article, we will cover the primary benefits of having manned security guards for your business.

Why Security Guards Are Necessary 

Crime has no address, and even the most seemingly safe businesses can be targeted by thieves or vandals. While you may be able to monitor and record criminals with CCTV, you can only take a reactionary approach to protect your business. Hiring business security allows you to become protected on all fronts. Trained guards offer attentiveness, vigilance, and protection that no other security measure can.

A manned guard can not only protect assets but also swiftly intervene at a moment’s notice. Silbar Security guards have all been extensively trained through our law-enforcement-grade training program. They know how to spot warning signs of criminal activity and safely de-escalate potential threats from causing harm to your business, staff, or customers. 

Reasons to Hire Commercial Manned Guards

Security guards can help prevent crime from occurring and are trained to recognize subtle signs of suspicious activity that may go unnoticed by the average person. Their criminal deterrence background ensures they can always maintain a safe, productive environment for workers and a good experience for customers. 

One of the primary reasons businesses choose manned guarding as their primary security measure is the ability to gain complete property coverage at all times. Guards can be assigned to more high-risk posts within your property and around its exterior. They can also perform various security duties throughout the day, such as performing access control, managing parking, and surveilling the perimeter of your property. 

After hours, manned guards can be assigned to stand post in front of particularly high-value assets, such as jewelry, artwork, or bank vaults. They can also monitor surveillance cameras, respond to reports, and notify local authorities if any attempts of criminal activity are made on your property. 

The Role of Security Guards by Industry

While they are valuable to any business, trained security guards also present industry-specific benefits depending on where they work. 


In actual stores, guards offer peace of mind to staff and customers while preventing theft and robbery. They can also maintain a safe shopping environment at all times by monitoring the floors. If criminal attempts are made, the guards can quickly apprehend suspected thieves or unruly individuals, ensuring they cannot cause harm or escape from law enforcement.

Industrial Warehouses

Security guards may be positioned at entrances and exits of warehouses and perform surveillance. They can also perform fire watch duties, which are not only necessary but a legal requirement in certain industrial settings. Warehouse guards can also control property access, monitor the arrival and departure of trucks, and ensure that the rules of your business are followed at all times. 

Office Buildings

Manned guards enforce law and order in commercial buildings while maintaining a safe, professional work environment. Security can perform access control by checking employees’ ID badges, approving visitors and directing them to floors, and immediately addressing any suspicious activity in your office. For workers arriving or leaving early in the morning or late at night, security guards can also escort them to and from their vehicles in parking lots or garages to ensure their safety. Suppose any employees ever become aggressive or violent. In that case, security will quickly intervene and ensure they are removed from the premises before they can cause damage to property or harm anyone.

Discover the Silbar Advantage

Silbar Security is a nationwide security provider that pairs businesses in leading industries with the highest caliber of professional security services. Our guards are trained to work in various environments, including hotels, healthcare facilities, shopping malls, warehouses and factories, public parks, and residential communities. 

We deliver 24-7/365 support to all our clients and daily reports to help you maintain the greatest level of safety at your business. Our manned guards are available for full-time, part-time, and emergency security purposes. Please schedule a consultation with one of our security experts to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

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