Site Security Details: 3 Types Of Security Officers Available

security officers

Security officers are important!

So you’ve decided to put up a building or establishment for your future business in a densely populated area. This is amazing, and that means you’ll want to start construction ASAP to avoid losing out any further. However, what many business owners fail to realize is that densely populated areas are filled with vandals and robbers that come alive when properties seemingly have no one home. 

In our world today, robberies happen in large proportions annually, with an insane amount of goods stolen at times. The worst part is that 90% of robberies occur in densely populated areas, which means that your property is at risk, even if it is still being built.

The solution to robberies and vandalism is to bump up security details using a security agency service. If you are thinking about adding a security guard or two to your site’s security detail, there are some professional agents you should be considering. CCTV cameras are not enough to deter crime, as there are many ways to work around them. By having a live roving guard on a property, will prevent instances of robbery and vandalism. 

Commissioned Officers

Commissioned officers are guards that are normally armed and trained to utilize firearms if a situation deems it necessary. These are professionals who have certifications. This means they have passed training from a security school that is awarded after thirty hours of intense training. Be sure that the agency you are hiring from has proper credentials and certifications to ensure that their officers know how to utilize firearms. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that you must make sure that the agent being hired has full awareness of weapon safety and guidelines of use. 

Non-Commissioned Officers

These are unarmed security guards who also go through a training regimen, but is not as rigorous or strict as those of commissioned officers. 

Once they fulfill the Private Security Bureau’s Level II training course, a non-commissioned officer can enter the job market as a construction site security detail officer, or for securing parking lot safety. 

Although it may be tempting to cheap out on non-commissioned officers, hiring one from a professional security agency to ensure top-tier experience and training for these officers might be the way to go. 

Personal Security Detail Officers

While you may not be using these officers for security details of your construction site or an establishment, these guards are worth mentioning as a part of the security agents list. These personal officers are trained to protect people of high value and are armed, as well as well trained in hand-to-hand combat. These guards are usually hired in pairs or groups of three or more and are more costly than commissioned and non-commissioned officers because of their certifications. Remember that if you are a high-value target or an individual under constant threat, these guards are the go-to for security operations, as they work with advanced techniques. These people are mostly seen with rich businessmen, politicians, and celebrities to offer crowd control and top-tier security. 


If you decide to add security details on your construction project or your establishments, remember to always add extra layers of security such as CCTV cameras. These will allow your security guards to monitor the property and will grant you with hard evidence in the event any fatalities occur due to a burglary. Always add signage that warns trespassers of armed guards. This will empower the security on site that they have full control over the situation should they come across threats. 

If you’re in search of a security guard company around the US that provides top-tier security detail for you and your property, look no further than with Silbar Security. With a fleet of vehicle patrols, security officers, and even for short-term event staffing, we can take your security details to the next level.

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