Should You Hire Security for Your Community? 3 Questions to Ask


Community Security

Homeowners associations are organizations in communities that exist to make and enforce rules, protect the neighborhood, and make it more appealing to keep the property value high. One way HOA officers can hit all these goals is by hiring security officers. Security guards can reinforce the rules HOA will set and keep the entire community safe at all times.


If you are a member of your community’s homeowners association and currently deciding whether you should hire a security officer, asking these three questions can help you finalize a decision.

Do you have enough budget?

Hiring a security guard for your community will require added cost for the community. In fact, it is one of the reasons most HOA put off this option. Before deciding whether you should pursue it, figure out if the community can afford it. The payment for hiring a security officer will most likely come from the HOA fund, regularly collected by the members from every homeowner.

The HOA fund is usually divided into two categories: the community’s common expenses and the reserve fund. The budget for a new security guard will more likely come from the common expenses, which is also where other utility payments and the landscaping budget come from. That is unless you are hiring security services for a one-time event. In this case, the fund will more likely come from the reserve fund, where other emergency expenses come from. 

Whether you are hiring a full-time security officer or one-time event security, you need to ensure that you have enough funds to cover their service. If you need to increase your community’s monthly dues, you might need to open up a discussion with the rest of the officers or homeowners to figure out the best solution.

Do you have several common areas to manage within the community?


Deciding whether to hire a security service or how many workforces you need depends on what your community requires. 

  • It is vital to have security that will patrol around the property to ensure that no trespassers will break into anyone’s home. 
  • Security is also crucial if you have many common areas like pools, parks, and clubhouses in your community, especially if outsiders can access these public places. Security service will ensure that no funny business is happening in these areas and that only people within the community get to access these sites.
  • Security is essential in controlling the traffic and parking within your property. Having someone by the gate can help you ensure that only people with business can enter the neighborhood. 

Does your community have several hiding places?

Answering this question is important because criminals love to hide in shadows, shrubbery, and other areas out of sight. With these potential hiding spots, criminals will be more encouraged to break into anyone’s home, especially if there is no security. Hiring a security officer can help deter these housebreakers, particularly when they patrol regularly.

Other ways to prevent lawbreakers from creating any illegal activity in your community are setting up additional light sources in these dark areas and trimming bushes or trees to increase every area’s visibility. Installing CCTV cameras within the neighborhood will make criminals think twice; however, you still need to have a security officer who will monitor the CCTV cameras at all times. That way, they will have the chance to prevent any crime from occurring.


If your answer to all these questions is a yes, acquiring security services for your community will be an excellent decision. With the help of security guards, your neighborhood’s security will increase, and everyone will enjoy a safer community. It can also be an added advantage to make it an attractive aspect for possible homebuyers. 

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