Does Hiring Security Increase Profitability?

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Professional security is an investment in your business and its success, and there are many reasons for this. The right security team is tasked with protecting your physical property, assets, and people while fostering a safe environment. Even small establishments can benefit from implementing professional security into their regular operations.

What About Cost?

When considering professional security for one’s business, the price is one of the main factors determining whether or not the decision is made. However, depending on the business, a properly trained security team can make up for its cost and more. The value is apparent if you consider the loss prevention, anti-vandalism, and safeguarding they can provide.

Benefits of Hiring Security

A proper security force offers both immediate and long-term advantages. Implementing new security measures today allows you to defend your business against major threats while preventing less apparent issues.

One of the biggest benefits of hiring security is the potential to increase profits. This may sound contradictory, but let’s explain. It can take time to be apparent since most people would not pay attention to security’s economics and financial benefits. However, the integration of security personnel, monitoring, and other solutions can save you a lot of money. To understand how hiring security increases profitability, it’s best to examine the topic from several perspectives.

  • Deterring Criminals

Criminals often conduct surveillance before they decide to rob a business. They learn what security measures are in place and, more importantly, which are not. Establishments with fewer security measures are always the most likely to be targeted because thieves are easier to break in and have a lower risk of being apprehended. 

Professional security guards know how to identify suspicious behavior and intervene swiftly and effectively. They can spot the warning signs of criminal activity long before they would ever be noticed by staff. When criminals see trained security on site, they are far less likely to target a business. It simply isn’t worth the risk of getting caught when there are more vulnerable businesses to target. A heist or robbery is not a good look for a business and degrades the perception of safety, costing you business. This leads us into our next point.

  • Preventing Losses

Losses from a single robbery can range from hundreds to multiple thousands of dollars or more. In addition to replacing the stolen merchandise and cash, owners must pay to restore damaged equipment or infrastructure. Replacing windows broken during an invasion can cost upwards of $10,000 alone.

Security personnel knows how to implement both active and passive prevention methods. In addition to physical presence on your property, they can use security cameras, defensive locks, and alarm systems to monitor and stop would-be thieves from damaging your property or stealing valuable merchandise. As for the exact measures security personnel use, it varies from business to business and their unique needs.

  • Mitigating Risks

In an ideal world, you could tell when a person would break into your property and take action or spot a dangerous individual moments after they arrive. When running a business, you don’t have the time to constantly check for risks, but a professional security team does.

While they may not be able to predict the future, security professionals know how to assess each business and determine its greatest risk factors. Then, they develop strategic solutions and response plans that help prevent threats and quickly resolve them in case they occur.

Physical Risk Management

  • Implementing the appropriate security structures
  • Maintaining a strong physical security presence

Digital Risk Management

  • Installing the most relevant security software/equipment 
  • Acquiring backup generators & Implementing digital safeguards

Physical structures provide barriers that make it more difficult for someone to access and commit a crime on your premises. The security team must choose systems that are not readily exploitable and not disruptive to regular activity. One example would be barriers and fencing for a concert or music festival. Using police-grade communication and surveillance devices, the security team can ensure that they are always aware, informed, and ready.

When security is available, managers and administrators can focus less on protecting and more on growing their businesses, which is what their job is meant for. For business growth, one of the main things security can do is improve the safety outlook to potential and current customers.

  • Protecting People

The ability to prevent, intercept, and disarm threats makes security personnel a valuable investment. The presence of a guard, whether armed or unarmed, can put people’s minds at ease, particularly in high-risk areas and events.

Both staff and customers feel greater personal security when they know an expert or team of experts is readily available to protect them if necessary. Considering this perspective, security becomes one puzzle piece in a greater business strategy.

Discover Unbeatable Security

Are you interested in security for your business, building, or event? Contact our team at Sibar Security to learn more about our various services. We are always happy to discuss how our professional security solutions can benefit your business and team.

We have years of industry experience, top-of-the-line training, and access to police-grade tools and technology that allows us to serve you everywhere, at all times. Whether you’re a small, family-owned business or run a commercial enterprise that sees thousands of customers daily – we can help you.

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