5 Instances When You Need Multiple Security Officers

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How Many Guards Do You Need?

Security is often a top priority for any given business. Whether you manage a commercial establishment or are planning to hold a business event, you need to set security personnel in place to ensure that your valuables are protected, and people are safe. For the most part, you will have one officer for your small brick-and-mortar store or a simple business conference. 

The biggest question, however, is: when do you need to get more than one officer? We’ll answer this critical question in the following sections, based on five particular situations:

If there will be many people

If you hold a large business event with many expected attendees, it makes sense to get multiple officers to manage the crowd and control the occasion. Keep in mind that even the best guards aren’t able to handle a large group of people. For this reason, be sure to get officers from a highly reliable security company and ensure their visibility in various places during the event. As a rule of thumb, you need one officer for 75 to 150 persons. If you have over 150 participants, then it’s only logical to have more than one officer.

If there is a vast space to cover

If your business covers a large expanse or has more than one area to guard, it is best to get multiple officers. Keep in mind that even the most competent and efficient security officer won’t be able to run from one place to another during an emergency. Because of this, you need to have more than one officer to cover the whole area and make sure that they’ll perform checks and patrols regularly.

If valuable items need to be transported

There are instances when you need to transport valuable items from one place to another. At times, companies will install money in ATMs, and retailers will ship jewelry pieces. The chances are that you’ll hold a charity auction of antiques, where expensive items are on display. In such cases, you need multiple officers to safeguard these valuables and prevent them from getting stolen. Also, be sure to inform your officers about the job’s risk factors, such as the location layout and the transport distance.

If customer service is required 

It’s worth knowing that security officers aren’t just guards—they are authority figures and customer service personnel at the same time! They are expected to greet customers, have a friendly approach, and exude the best smile. They can even go as far as providing instructions, guiding people, and performing other customer service-related tasks. There are times when you need more than one officer to pull off the job effectively and efficiently.

If it is in a high-risk location

If your business is situated in a high-risk area, it’s vital to have several officers secure your property. The chances are that your business is located in a place with high crime, potential terrorism, or high traffic of unscrupulous individuals. In such situations, you need multiple officers to deal with any potentially challenging outcomes.


At this point, you now know when you must think about hiring multiple security officers. As discussed above, do so if and when there are many people present, there is a vast space to cover, valuable items need to be transported, customer service is required, and at a high-risk location. By having multiple officers, you’ll take your security up a notch for the good of your business, property, people, and all stakeholders involved!

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