4 Benefits of Armed Security Officers in a Healthcare Facility


Armed security officers in a healthcare facility 

Over the past years, many hospitals have been employing armed on-site security officers. Seeing that such moves were frowned upon in the past, it has sparked several debates among experts. Yet, many healthcare institutions chose to take their facility’s security measures to the next level in light of recent events that have gripped establishments. 

Between 2012 and 2014, there was a 40% increase in violent crimes, with over 10,000 incidents directed at employees. Additionally, in 2019, many doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers have spoken up about an epidemic of violence against them that often came from patients and their families. 

Protecting staff and patients in healthcare settings is vital, which is why the demand for armed security officers in these facilities is continually rising. In this article, we will share four benefits that healthcare facilities stand to gain from armed security officers:

Reduce Violence

Due to the growing number of violence taking place in healthcare facilities, with the majority of them directed at hospital staff, well-trained armed security officers can help reduce such risk factors and violence. Their presence can put minds at ease and create a sense of safety for the staff and the patients.

Quick Response To Violent Incidents

There have been many violent occurrences due to the lack of security protocols in place. Over the years, hospitals and other healthcare facilities aimed to improve these aspects by installing CCTV cameras, metal detectors, and mandating additional training for emergency preparedness.

Although these improvements are useful, they don’t necessarily prevent the risk of violence altogether. For this reason, having armed security officers patrolling the facility 24/7 has proven a higher chance of deterring violence. Additionally, having these officers on patrol guarantee quick response if there are any violent outbursts in the facility. 

Reduce Violence-Associated Costs 

Keep in mind that violence in the workplace can have costly consequences. You could spend millions on it, which isn’t practical for any medical facility. It’s not only the cost that can affect the facility, but violence in the workplace can result in low morale and high turnover rates as well. By taking a proactive approach to prevent violence that may fuel negative results, you will be able to deliver better operations, and one of the most effective ways to do this is by employing armed security guards in the facility. 

Protect The Reputation Of The Facility

Armed guards can ensure that everyone in the area knows how to respond when the facility faces tense situations. Staff and patients will also be more at ease to be in the facility, knowing full well that the area is properly secured. As a result, this will reflect well on your reputation as it shows that you make efforts to protect your facility, staff, and patients.


Despite the varying opinions of having armed officers in healthcare facilities, looking at it objectively will help you make some sense. Healthcare workers have faced violence over the years, and with armed security officers in the workplace, it will help boost the levels of safety and security in the area. In the end, it will put the minds of everyone at ease. 

You can hire well-trained security officers from a reputable agency that specializes in hospital settings. Be sure to do your homework to ensure that you find the best one that will suit your needs. 

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