Why You Should Hire Security Officers Over Installing Cameras

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Security Officers Over Installing Cameras

Many companies fill their properties with security cameras in the hopes of catching any criminal activities or deter them from happening entirely. Unfortunately, no amount of security cameras will stop any criminal in their tracks should they decide to carry out their sinister actions!

Only after something bad has happened can security cams be useful, allowing footage to be reviewed to see what happened. Such recordings can also be used by officials to try and identify the culprit. While it can help to catch a criminal, this does not contribute to the main goal at all—which is to stop criminal activities from occurring in the first place! Instead of spending on costly surveillance cameras, you’ll need professional security officers to truly safeguard your properties.

Here are why security officers are better at deterring criminal activities than security cameras:


They understand what is going on


While cameras can certainly collect information about what is happening in front, it can do nothing more than that! It takes a human to use that information and understand what is going on. In that sense, a security officer can pay attention to what is happening in front of them and formulate a working theory and plan of action in their mind. This allows them to quickly take the necessary actions to solve situations before it gets out of hand!


That said, a security guard can also share details that a camera may not have captured. That is because a camera is generally fixed into an area of the room and can only look at one angle, while a guard can follow the culprits around and notice all the details and actions that are occurring in real-time!


They respond right away


The most significant advantage a security officer has over a camera is that the officer can quickly respond to the situation. A camera can do nothing more than sit there idly, recording the events. Meanwhile, a guard can get into action and try to control the situation, whether it be a simple theft to a life-threatening attack.


In other words, the officer can intervene in a situation—which can be the difference between a situation that has cost your business thousands of dollars to one that is quickly controlled and addressed.


They provide more than crime prevention


Security guards offer more than just preventing crimes from happening. For instance, they can provide crowd-control services for different situations, such as parties and similar events. They can also assist people in escaping a property if there was a case of fire or other natural disasters, ensuring everyone gets out safely and on time!


Simply put, security guards are trained to understand the situation around them and ensure actions are taken to minimize consequences. Such consequences can be anything from property costs to even loss of life!




Both security officers and cameras have a part to play in security. One is actively around to stop any criminal from carrying out their activities, while the other shows footage of an event that has already occurred. 

However, if you are looking for the absolute best solution for crime prevention and more, security officers are the way to go. They have the necessary skills and training needed to quickly identify security hazards and address them properly, all while minimizing any potential damages that can occur!


Silbar Security offers various security services, from vehicle patrols to event staff, and much more; all to ensure that your security requirements are satisfied! If you are looking to work with professional security guards in the US, reach out to us today!

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