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Hampton Roads Security Services Offered

On-Site Security Officers

At Silbar Security our licensed security officers are law enforcement trained in duties such as patrol observations, access control, asset protection, crime deterrent, and many other security services.

Roving Vehicle Patrol

Our roving vehicle patrol is a popular cost-effective option for budget restricted properties. A trained Silbar Security® patrol officer visits your property at random intervals in our clearly marked and professional patrol vehicles.

Event Staffing

From traffic and crowd issues to the monitoring of alcoholic beverage consumption, Silbar Security is your answer to running a safe and secure event.

Commercial Services

With the increase in thefts and crimes occurring in public locations, you owe it to your patrons, visitors, and business associates to provide a worry-free experience.

Silbar Security® is proud to offer law enforcement grade products, services, and technology to our clients.

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