Why Do You Need Security?

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Professional security officers –  also known as security guards, offer a plethora of other services aside from simply protecting your assets and interests. They are highly equipped and trained professionals who are able to ensure orderly conduct, peace, and deescalate situations. In the period between a police call and their arrival, the next steps taken are key to a positive resolution. Hiring security is often the missing piece of this puzzle. Read on for our main reasons why you need security and the many benefits that they can provide.


Who Should Hire Security?

Most people and businesses will benefit from having security. Whether it is for an event or venue hosting many people, a company headquarters, or a retail store with high traffic or an elevated presence of shoplifters. A security guard or team can add a level of comfort and adds a blanket of protection. Whenever you have valuables to protect, people to keep safe, or order to maintain in a location, it is always a good idea to review and make necessary changes to your security strategy based on the level of risk. However, these sectors and industries may benefit the most;


Construction Companies

With a large site and many points of entry, it is crucial that a construction company and the sites that it operates invest in quality security.

Healthcare Facilities

In an environment where violence and unpleasant encounters may arise, it is important to protect those working and seeking help in facilities providing healthcare. 24/7 supervision is the ideal solution in most cases.

Retail Shops

A retail environment is prone to many risks. The most common example is shoplifters. This is one way that hiring security can actually cut losses and increase profit margins on top of the other services/benefits.

Oil & Gas Companies

One of the most commonly stolen goods is gasoline, therefore, as a mass provider of this product, it is best practice to think ahead and keep your company secure. Security patrol is one effective way of doing so.

Interested in reading more? See our blog on the ‘Types of Security Guard Services Different Businesses Need‘ for more information on this subject.

What Do Security Guards Provide? 

The role of professional security guards is far more extensive than most people realize. In addition to providing on-site surveillance, they can also perform a number of tasks to bring you and your business peace of mind.

A few examples of these include, but are not limited to;

  • Providing security and protection
  • Monitoring surroundings/perimeters
  • Performing preliminary safety screenings
  • Escorting groups through events
  • Conducting routine safety patrols
  • Identifying potential threats and provide solutions
  • Employing de-escalation strategies to avoid violent encounters
  • Offering a sense of security and order



Where Can I Find Quality Security?

Our team at Silbar Security is proud to offer some of the nation’s leading private security solutions. We can tailor your security solutions to suit your company, event, or group and its needs.

In addition to security officers, Silbar Security offers;

– Security Officers

– Vehicle Patrol

– Event Staff

– Armed or Unarmed Officers

– Temporary & Emergency Officers

Furthermore, our range of coverage includes;

– Apartments – HOA Communities

– Shopping Centres

– Hotels & Hospitality

– Event Staffing – Festivals, Concerts, Conventions

– Industrial & Commercial, Access Control, Concierge

– Fire Watch, Emergency & Temporary Officers

Contact Silbar Security today if you are interested in learning more about the services we provide and how we can help you.

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