Why Do I Need Managed Security Services?

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Managed security services are instrumental in protecting companies and corporations, large and small. Learn more about what managed security services are, how they can benefit your company, considerations when selecting a managed security service provider, and more!

What Are Managed Security Services?

Managed security services are used to oversee and administer a corporation’s security processes and can be conducted in-house or remotely. Managed security service providers (MSSPs) provide varying security services, including incident response or implementing security management infrastructure. While some MSSPs may specialize in a certain area or scope of work, others provide full-service information security programs.

Managed security services are often sought out by businesses that recognize a gap in in-house expertise or resources or companies that require security management or monitoring outside of business operating hours. Some corporations may hire managed security service providers to conduct a security audit or respond to a security breach or incident.

How Would My Company Benefit From Hiring an MSSP?

With a managed security service provider’s ability to manage their operations on or off-site, a business can be conducted as usual with minimal interruption. The MSSP provides additional staffing and expertise, maintains communication with the hiring company to notify them of any security issues, maintenance, and audits. This allows the company to focus on its day-to-day operations, trusting that its data is being protected, regulatory compliance is being conducted, and the network security tools are being managed.

Oftentimes, companies turn to managed security service providers reactively once their security has been breached. It is in a company’s best interest to secure a managed security service provider proactively to ensure its protection and customer retention. For example, cyber threats and attacks continue to grow and evolve, consuming valuable time and resources.

Managed security services can provide continuous oversight 24/7, recognizing, addressing, and neutralizing a security attack before it occurs. Hiring a remote MSSP is highly advantageous, as it doesn’t require the investment and manpower to enforce. Further, remote MSSPs operate globally, with unparalleled insight into the threat landscape and the ability to detect threats early.

Finally, third-party MSSPs can perform routine security scans, conduct penetration and vulnerability tests, and oversee various other security management functions.

Considerations for Selecting a Managed Security Service Provider

When selecting an MSSP, first identify your company’s security needs and possible threats. Outline which security functions will need to be outsourced, and research managed security service providers to learn about their specializations, costs, and processes. Founded by law enforcement, MSSP Silbar Security provides first-hand security services like; officers, vehicle patrol, event staff, armed or unarmed officers, and temporary and emergency officers.

Whether your company requires cyber protection or in-person event protection, managed security service providers are instrumental in ensuring the safety and well-being of a company, its employees, and anyone adjacent. Managed security services are proactive, effective, and increasingly necessary for company protection.

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