When To Hire Contract Security

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Hiring contract security is an excellent way to secure your business, property, or event at a more affordable cost. Rather than signing long-term deals with a security company, short-term and mid-term contracted security offers flexibility and ease of application. Contract security has many other benefits, including:

  • Access to a dedicated team of trained professionals
  • A cohesive security unit that can provide excellent protection
  • Hiring for temporary or seasonal needs
  • Reducing or eliminating the need for permanent staffing

If you are considering hiring contracted security, this can be a smart decision. However, this article will cover the use cases and pros and cons of contracted security in contrast to permanent security to help you make a better decision.

When to Hire Contracted Security

It may be beneficial to consider contract security guards when your current needs temporarily exceed your available resources or if you have an upcoming event that will attract a large volume of people. Contracted security is also beneficial for businesses and managed residential communities that want to protect their customers and communities at certain times or on certain days.

Suppose your security needs increase seasonally or annually. In that case, you can hire security through a professional agency and adjust your level of protection accordingly with temporary officers. Any event host, business owner, or property manager who wants to establish an ongoing security strategy can also benefit from contracted services. Overall, hiring contract security is beneficial for filling temporary security gaps and as a part of a solid long-term strategy.

Cost of Hiring Security Guards

The cost of security will vary depending on the type of guard and what services you need from them. Hiring armed security guards is more expensive than unarmed guards due to the amount of training and liability involved. All clients have different needs, which is why personalized security plans are vital. While the cost shouldn’t vary too much between various security providers, it is best to choose a company based on their track record and expertise rather than their price, as good security is priceless, especially when lives and assets are at stake.

Tips for Hiring Contracted Security

Knowing what you want and how much you need is essential when hiring security guards. You should also consider where your business is located, its size, and its clientele. For example, if you run an office building or manufacturing facility, an armed guard may be more appropriate than an unarmed one for deterrence purposes.

Additional points to consider include:

  •       The size of your business, event, or property
  •       The general risk level you face (low, medium, or high)
  •       Whether you would benefit more from armed vs. unarmed security

If you are looking for event security, you should consider how and when you will need the guards throughout the event. In addition to crowd control, they can offer ongoing surveillance, plan safe emergency exit routes, protect parked vehicles, and manage access control. This can take work from other staff members to keep everything running smoothly.

What Can Contract Security Do?

A security guard service can offer a variety of services, including mobile patrols and static posts. An officer conducts mobile patrols on foot or in a vehicle. They follow predetermined routes throughout your property or event space, looking for potential threats or signs of illegal activity. Depending on the type of business being monitored, security guards can also periodically check in with clients at their units, offices, or businesses to ensure there have been no disturbances. Generally, a contract security team can perform almost all tasks and duties that a permanent security team would be able to perform.

Benefits of Contract Security

When you hire contracted security, you know you are working with highly regulated, trained professionals. For those with less frequent security needs or needs that fluctuate day to day, contract security allows for more flexibility and cost savings in the long run. A security firm that is registered within your state has already proven it meets regulations for providing skilled security services. Below are a few of the reasons you may decide to opt for professional contracted security services.

  1. Greater Liability Protection

When you hire a security team, you can trust that they know how to respond to any situation that may arise. With a contracted security company, you can find relief knowing that they are adequately insured, trained, and competent. A good security company often factors the cost of liability coverage into the security contract, so you only have to focus on choosing the best services for your needs and not the other details.

  1. High Level of Professionalism

Guards who work for a contract security firm have already completed an extensive interview and screening process. This includes passing a criminal background check, drug screening, and training that aligns with the company’s high standards.

These guards are not just contractors working for their benefit; they are part of a larger security company, and as such, they must always act as an illustration of their firm. This means they are held to a higher standard, and their conduct is expected to reflect the values of their employer. Due to this standard, you can be sure that all interactions between your clients, staff, or partners will be positive and professional, which reflects well on your organization.

  1. Professionally Trained

Professional security guards are not just assigned to clients directly after they are hired. Security firms take time to train all of their guards and provide mentoring to ensure that they know proper security protocol and threat assessment and can respond strategically to any situation.

  1. Quality Equipment

Contracted guards are provided with all the tools that they need to succeed on the job. They must have the proper gear, including radios, flashlights, cameras, and defense equipment. As well as offering greater visibility, these items allow them to communicate with each other in case of emergencies, such as violence or power outages that can impact surveillance camera visibility.

  1. Adaptability

Security firms train their guards to handle a variety of situations and threats. As a result, they have a great level of flexibility. They know how to respond appropriately and calmly during any situation.

  1. Cost-Effective Solutions

Using contract security is often more cost-effective than hiring a full-time employee or team. The guard or team’s cost depends on the type of services they provide and how often they work. While contracted guards can still work full-time, they are generally less costly than paying for an employee and additional liability insurance.

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