When Must You Hire Short-Term Security Guards – What to Know

Security, as every business owner knows, is vital to operations. Keeping the business premises, other assets, and the safety of the stakeholders secure is imperative to organizational success. For that reason, a business owner employs security personnel.

On some occasions, you might need to hire additional security guards for a short period of time. As such, this guide will help you determine when and why you might need to employ temporary security guards.

You will need to hire temporary guards during wide-scale events

If you’re planning to hold an event where many people, including employees and clients, will attend, you must ensure that the event is safe and that there are security enforcers positioned around the venue. Of course, hiring security guards full-time is not an option, especially if this is a one-day event.

Hiring temporary guards will address the security issue. Events security is important to keep your reputation among various stakeholders. If something comes up, and there is a significant lack of security enforcement or assistance, it could easily cause panic to the attendees. During large gatherings, you want to have as many security personnel as you could possibly afford to hire.

Temporary guards help secure the premises where an ongoing project is being built

 When you have an ongoing project, such as a new building or office renovation, there will be fewer people within the premises. That means you will need to hire temporary guards to keep the place secure.

Since a project will only last for a set period of time, hiring permanent security staff is not necessary. If you believe you have enough security guards for daily operations when the project is finished, you might want to consider recruiting short-term security guards to patrol the ongoing project venue.

Protecting a residential or commercial building can be done by temporary guards

When a residence or commercial building is unoccupied, you will still need to keep it secure to prevent the loss of any valuables inside the area. Additionally, you wouldn’t want vandals to wreak havoc on your property while the building is idle. For that reason, you can hire temporary guards to ensure the safety of your property.

Similar to guarding an ongoing project, a residential or commercial building will only be unoccupied for a set period of time. However, you will want to hire additional guards since a few security personnel will not be enough to safeguard the whole building. As such, you can hire temporary guards to aid your full-time security staff.

Post-emergency disasters where business premises are at risk

During emergencies where operations need to be put to a halt, business premises will be left idle, and there will be a substantial decrease in monitoring the area. Fortunately, most security companies have well-trained personnel who are adept at working under such conditions. If you believe that you lack security during post-emergency situations, you can rely on temporary security guards for assistance.


Short-term security guards help bring order to business operations during times of need. However, it’s important to note that due diligence must be carried out before you hire security personnel as you will need to entrust them with your business’s property. Because of this, you could always turn to security companies that have reliable and professional security guards.

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