What to Consider When Looking for a Security Guard

security guard

Looking for a security guard?

In any residential community and commercial property, there will always be security guards set in place. Their duties and responsibilities are to maintain peace and order in the area as well as to protect the people, assets, and property. Ultimately, they are there to foster the utmost safety of those within their jurisdiction.

However, have you ever wondered what it takes to hire the most trusted and reliable security officers for your needs? Keep in mind that there are vital factors you must be on the lookout for when selecting the right security personnel. The last thing you will want to happen is to get officers who aren’t qualified for your safety and protection!

In this article, we will share five vital points to consider when looking for a security guard:

License and training

As the safety and protection of lives and properties are concerned, the security industry is strictly regulated. They require security guards to have the license to operate after undergoing the necessary training and certification. As a property owner or manager, you don’t just want to get random people to look after your property, people, and all the valuable assets. To ensure the utmost security, you must ask for their license and certification before hiring some officers.

Communication and interpersonal skills

Keep in mind that there’s more to security guards than what you might expect. They aren’t just installed in the entry points to check valid IDs and allow authorized people inside the premises. In the end, they are the faces of your business tasked to deliver customer service, so you must find those who are the friendliest and nicest people yet firm and commanding. For this reason, having good communication and interpersonal skills can make a difference in your security. 

Administrative skills

Security officers aren’t solely confined to security tasks and are expected to perform much administrative work as well. These typically include handling some paperwork, managing logs, digital documentation, and incident reporting. As such, it’s best to hire those with good management and organizational skills so that they can perform several other tasks at their finest!

Latest security systems and technology

When you’re looking to hire security guards from a security agency, it’s best to ask what security systems and technology they are using. These modern tools and technologies can significantly assist them in monitoring, patrolling, coordinating, managing tasks, and reporting. Most importantly, be sure that the officers know how to utilize these valuable resources so that they are put to good use.

Passion and dedication

As with any job or role, it’s best to hire guards who are passionate about what they’re doing and dedicated to their work. As the security guards’ roles and responsibilities are crucial with a high risk, you want to get the best people who are committed to their job. Doing so can make all the difference in fostering your people and property’s safety and protection!


Security is and will always be a top priority in any given area, whether in a residential community or a commercial space. For this reason, you must be highly critical in your selection of security officers by considering the key factors discussed above. Ultimately, hiring the right guards can be instrumental in promoting the utmost safety and protection in your location!

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