Top 4 Major Responsibilities of a Good Security Guard

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Security Guard Responsibilities 

You get many advantages from hiring security guards in your event or even for personal reasons. This is because you’re trusting a security force that is well-trained, educated, and licensed to protect you from any dangerous situation that may unexpectedly arise.  When you hire a security guard from a reputable and professional security company, they come with a list of responsibilities. The duties of a security guard must be performed with complete accountability and shouldn’t neglect any of the guidelines, techniques, obligations, and principles ingrained in them.  If you’re curious about the responsibilities of a security guard, keep reading. Below is a list of the top four significant responsibilities of a security guard that you should know. Let’s get to it!

They must stay alert

One of the most crucial responsibilities of a security guard is to always stay alert, whether on or off duty. When the security guard is alert, they’ll be able to prevent any crime or accidents from happening. Besides that, response to any suspicious behavior from people or strange sounds will be more immediate and timely.  When you hire security guards from a reliable security company, it’s guaranteed that you are assigned trained and educated guards that can keep themselves alert at all times, especially during the wee hours of the night. 

They should respond quickly

Another fundamental responsibility of a security guard is to be able to react to potential threats quickly. The faster they respond, the lesser damage and loss you get.  Aside from being alert, security guards are mentally and physically fit, making them able to react and communicate within a minimum amount of time. Security guards are aware that lazy and slow responses can put your safety at risk, causing more problems and difficulties. 

They should be visible

One of the tasks of a security guard is to make sure the public sees them. They need to stay visible so that people will be aware that the area is secured professionally, preventing any stalkers, criminals, and other ill-disposed people from entering the area.  A security guard can avoid any criminal attempts and dangerous events from happening on the premises by being visible. Like any situation, it’s always better to prevent incidents than letting it happen and dealing with them later, causing more dangers and hazards to your safety.

They have sharp observation and reporting skills

One of the biggest responsibilities of a security guard is observing and reporting any suspicious and abnormal activity to other members and management right away. With this skill, it enables the whole security force to take immediate action and eliminate threats.  A reliable security guard should possess highly trained observation skills to understand everyone’s intentions around them based on their actions. Every step, sound, and movement can be a possible criminal attempt, so it’s best for a security guard to cautiously judge situations and actions.


Now that you’re aware of a security guard’s top four major responsibilities, you’ll feel more at peace knowing that you and the people around you are well-protected and secured. By working with a reputable security company, you can trust that you’ll be assigned a security force that’s well-trained, educated, and possesses all these qualities that an ideal security guard has.  If you’re looking for a reliable security company, look no further. Silbar Security is a top security company that offers security services all around the US. We provide security officers, vehicle patrols, event staff, and more to various establishments and events. Learn more about our services today!

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