Top 3 Major Close Protection Failures Bodyguards Make

close protection officer

Close Protection Officer

Trust plays a major key when you hire a bodyguard or a close protection officer. This is because you rely on someone to protect valuable aspects of your life, such as yourself, your family, wealth, and even other people. Thinking about being in a dangerous situation is something we try to avoid, but it’s ultimately inevitable. Unfortunately, even if bodyguards protect you, things can still go wrong. 

Although this rarely happens, having to experience close protection failures is an unfortunate case, and you may experience public uproar. This is why you must hire agents from a reputable security company to assure you that they will be doing their jobs to the best of their abilities. 

If you’re thinking of getting security services, it’s a good idea that you familiarize yourself with some close protections or bodyguard failures that may arise. By doing this, you’ll get to avoid mistakes and have better and full protection. 

Major security failures that may occur

Every security company and its agents have the same goal: to protect the client at all costs. There are failures in security services because they fail to remember this goal and take their client to “gray areas.” 

When you protect a client, this means all areas are covered, and the objective and goals are crystal clear. When there is miscommunication and instructions are fuzzy, this is where mistakes occur. Here are the top three significant failures that could happen with close protection and bodyguard services:

1. The client interferes with operations

The reason gray areas show up in security services is that some clients would give directions to their bodyguards that are counterproductive to their safety. This is an incredible challenge because the line between wanting to respect the client’s orders and maintaining professionalism can be tricky. 

Often, some agents will need to do things outside the scope of their jobs to protect and satisfy their clients, keeping in mind that this should be at the expense of their client’s safety. 

This is dangerous because most clients aren’t aware of standard security protocols and might disrupt operations, putting them at a high-security risk. 

2. When there are force and aggression involved

Sometimes, guards will find themselves retaliating with excessive physical force due to an aggressive citizen. For example, this can happen at an entertainment venue with violent fans. 

This shouldn’t happen, and most often, the citizen may have triggered the guard to do such things to protect their client and the people around them. However, you should know that the security’s job is to de-escalate the situation and eventually remove the threat from the premises. 

You should know that a security company’s protocol is never to respond to threats with force but to deal with it sternly and efficiently.

3. Forget to monitor surrounding areas

A good close protection officer will protect their client and allow them to do their job functions and closely monitor their surroundings for potential threats. 

The agent fails to do their duty when they pay more attention to their clients and forget to survey their surroundings. Being careless and allowing close surveillance to precede the area surveillance will make attacks and threats to surface.

The best way to avoid this mistake is by having a sufficient number of security guards in the area. This way, each guard can focus on various locations and have one or two guards protecting the client. 


Even if security mistakes rarely happen, it’s still a good idea to be aware of the gray areas you can be involved in. Now that you know the major failures that security services make, you’ll be able to prevent these mistakes from happening and ultimately keep you safe. With that, it is crucial that you hire a reputable security company to keep you and your clients safe.

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