3 Reasons Why You Need Security at Small Events

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Even with relatively small events, having security present is crucial for event planning and should not be overlooked. It’s important that the guests and patrons at the event have peace of mind knowing that they will be kept safe should there be some sort of emergency, intrusion, or disruptive behavior.

Managing a crowd of people can be tricky, even with small events. And if you’re the event planner, you likely have a multitude of duties to oversee at the event. Having event security will help maintain a sense of order at your event, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and according to plan, even if there are slight delays.

One important role is that event planners must work closely with the hired security team to establish a plan for possible threats and ensure that each guest is kept safe. Depending on the type of event, you may even want to incorporate surveillance security for added peace of mind.

Some areas that need security are likely to include entrances and exits throughout the event and possibly CCTV cameras that will need to be monitored at all times.

Moreover, depending on the region or venue where your event is held, it may be a legal requirement that security is present, particularly if alcohol is being served, mitigating issues that arise from patron intoxication.

Hiring event security will be an essential part of your budget, so make sure to account for it. Let’s look at three primary reasons why you need security at small events.

Emergency Control

Uncontrollable emergency situations like a fire, natural disaster, or other sudden accidents are always possible during an event. Having a security team trained to handle these kinds of emergencies and crisis circumstances will ensure your guests can exit the venue safely and efficiently.

Trained security guards will provide proper crowd management in the face of any emergency, which, when not in place, can often lead to emergency escalation. Not to mention, if alcoholic beverages are distributed, crowd control can become increasingly more difficult.

It’s important that you look into hiring from a reputable security guard service whose employees are well equipped to deal with emergency situations. Should anything go awry, you want security personnel who are well prepared and know how to coordinate quickly according to the appropriate guidelines. Ensure your security team is trained extensively for extreme situations, no matter how unlikely, to minimize casualties and reduce commotion.

Guest Safety

Guest safety should be your primary concern when putting together a small event. You want to ensure your guests feel secure at all times, and simply the presence of security guards can offer that peace of mind to them.

Security teams at the event entrance should provide pre-entry screenings that include checking bags at the door to ensure no weapons like firearms or knives are brought into the event. This will also make your event appear more professional and make guests feel more appreciated, leading to the procurement of more future clients.

Suppose your event is being held later at night. In that case, your security team may also offer to escort guests to their cars if they don’t feel comfortable walking alone, preventing the possibility of them getting robbed outside the event.

Depending on the size of the security team you’ve hired, allowing them to divide and conquer will ensure they cover more ground. For instance, some of the guards can spend the night surveilling the parking area to ensure your guest’s vehicles are safe from burglary. Guards should also be stationed at the entrance and exit as these are typically the areas criminals may target.

Prevent Intruders

Whether you’re trying to keep out uninvited guests or potentially dangerous criminals, hiring a security team will aid in the prevention of intruders and gate-crashers at your event. At times these unwanted individuals will go to great lengths to gain access to an event. Professionally trained guards will constantly be on the lookout to keep them out.

Should unwanted guests find a way into your event, it’s important that you have enough guards inside and outside, as intruders will likely blend into a densely populated crowd to avoid being seen. Having a surveillance monitoring system in place will also assist in this issue, allowing you to have eyes everywhere at the event.

In addition, sometimes intruders come in the form of undesirable media press, especially if your guest list is expected to include VIPs and high-profile celebrities. Typically, these guests will appreciate the absence of the press, or you yourself may want to avoid negative publicity for your event.

Having a security team will ensure the press don’t gain access and if found, can be escorted out immediately. Moreover, certain high-profile guests may be at risk of more than just being haggled by the press. It’s your responsibility to ensure that these guests are kept safe from possible intruders that might threaten their safety and the safety of everyone else.

Finally, simply the presence of security guards will deter criminals, making them less likely to strike at your event. Having your security team circulate your event constantly will reduce the likelihood of any criminal activity or intrusion taking place.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, hiring security at small events is just as necessary as it would be for a larger one. Budgeting security should be seen as the main priority as it could mean the difference between life and death at your event.

The enjoyment and safety of your guests should be your number one concern when planning your event, and costs associated with hiring a security team should not be seen as frivolous.

Being able to manage a crowd on your own or by those who are not adequately trained to do so can result in disruptions escalating quickly. Allow yourself to focus on maintaining the event and ensuring that your guests enjoy themselves and have peace of mind knowing that both the guests and the staff are all safe.

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