The Status of the Security Industry Amid the Pandemic

May 1, 2020 | Security Services

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The coronavirus pandemic has an enormous effect on various industries, primarily service-based businesses. One of the affected posts is security personnel. There is an increased demand for their services, especially for managing crowds in following quarantine protocols properly. That’s why companies in the security industry should prioritize the health and well-being of their workers, particularly those stationed in the healthcare sector.


Security Personnel Welfare

With a high risk of contracting the virus, security guards should always practice excellent hygiene practices in their workstations. It will also help if employees provide personal protective equipment (PPE) and a briefing to educate them about the proper way of sanitizing their area, especially with many people coming in and out of the premises.

 Security companies may want to have their security officers to take the swab test for the virus even if they display no symptoms of the infection. However, that is often unrealistic, depending on the availability of the test kits and test centers. Additionally, it can also induce an unnecessary state of panic, which is the least ideal situation that people would want to experience right now.


The Increased Workforce Demand

 With the world thrown into chaos by the pandemic, businesses and the government have added more security personnel to their premises and various public areas. The goal is to help control the masses, especially those in the hospital, travel, and accommodation industries.

 The need for security personnel is mandatory. Establishments need to screen individuals entering their premises, which helps minimize the risk of spreading the infection further. When guards notice anyone exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, they recommend people to quarantine themselves at their homes and consult with their doctor through telehealth services. With this setup, hospitals can focus on patients who have more severe cases and help prevent healthy people from getting infected.

 Aside from screening individuals, security guards can also assist in core operations so that people are guided accordingly and can follow the pandemic protocols, such as social distancing. As they perform their duties, the security personnel must be equipped with essential supplies. These include PPEs, sanitation gears, thermal scanner, and more.


Overworked and Overtime

 With the increased demand for security and a limited workforce, officers tend to be overworked. Overtime is critical in areas where there are always large crowds but have limited staff. Because of that, security companies should establish open communication with clients to ensure that their people’s health does not get compromised in the process. Otherwise, overworked individuals develop a weaker immune system, which increases their risk of contracting the disease.

 In this scenario, employers must adequately compensate security guards for their service. Offering a premium wage also works to help motivate people to keep doing good with their jobs. Otherwise, you will receive unsatisfactory service from an individual who thinks that their clients force them into working unreasonably. When this happens, it will increase the risk of spreading the disease in your establishment, which is counterproductive. With that said, it is best to err on humanity and consider the needs of your security personnel too. View our locations to get started and reach out to us if you need temporary officers for your security during this pandemic season.