The Client’s Guide to Security Patrols Checklists

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Security patrols are arguably the topmost priority of private security guards, and they have to do it daily. Private patrol companies have protocols to ensure that their services meet quality standards. For certain situations, a client may request extra security, which the company shall then add to the checklists. However, private security guards have standard checklists and you might want to know what’s included in them.

  1. Keeping the doors and windows locked

First, security guards will need to check every door and window in the vicinity and ensure that nothing is left open and unsecured. A doors and windows checklist will typically look like this:

  • Check if exterior doors with proper security systems are locked
  • Check if all windows with proper security systems are locked
  • Check if exposed hinges are equipped with hinge pins
  • Check if windows without proper security systems are shielded
  • Check the overall security of exterior doors and windows when the building is unoccupied
  1. Ensuring Proper Lighting in Essential Areas

Identifying areas of the building with proper illumination is critical to providing security. Dim areas can be the main point of entry target for conducting crime, which is why it’s an important factor to prevent such risks. An example of a typical lights checklist goes like this:

  • Check if lights are installed in the outside areas of the building
  • Check if interior lights are on when the building is unoccupied
  • Check if the entrance lights are on to provide visibility to security on patrol
  • Check if there are lights left on strategic areas to give vision to police near the premises
  1. Preventing intrusion

A company should have alarms and security systems to prevent crimes when the premises are unoccupied. However, security patrols will need to know whether these systems are operational and where exactly they are located, as well as how they are installed. The following is an example of an intrusion checklist:

  • Check if security alarms are activated
  • Check if systems are functioning properly
  • Check if there are damages to the security system
  • Check if the monitoring for alarms are centralized
  1. Securing the parking and service areas

These areas are the places that won’t see much crowd, making them vulnerable to risky situations. For that reason, security personnel is designated around these areas to ensure nothing suspicious happens here, especially when everyone else is inside the building. An example of this should go:

  • Check if markings are visible
  • Check if lights in these areas are working properly
  • Check if entrances to these areas are safe and hazard-free
  • Check if entry and exit barriers are working
  • Check if pedestrian crossings are clear and safe for pedestrians
  1. Securing 24-hour building access

In some buildings that are operational 24 hours a day, security is held much stricter and patrol companies understand that even more lives are at risk under these conditions. These 24-hour buildings like residential buildings are more prone to unauthorized access and intrusion. Here’s an example of a 24-hour security checklist:

  • Check different amenities, especially when not in use
  • Check potential items that can be used for criminal activity
  • Check blind spots like plants near entrances or sidewalks
  • Check if sections of a building that see less activity, especially during nighttime


Private security companies ensure that their protocol is observed. The goal is to keep everyone safe and reduce the risk of crimes from happening. Private security guards also need to ensure that the premises allow them to control the situation in case something unexpected happens. That being said, it’s important for the client to understand what to expect when it comes to security patrols.

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