Security Options Your Auto Dealership Should Consider

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Dealership Security

Auto dealership managers often fall victim to petty vandalism and the theft and sale of stolen parts. As such, thousands of dealership supervisors are scrambling to enforce the best possible security measures—often too panicked to explore their choices. If you’re bearing the brunt of dealership-related crime, take the time to consider these effective tactics to keep would-be criminals at bay. 

What Are Typical Dealership-Related Crimes?

Spray paint isn’t the worst of a dealership administrator’s worries. Among the most common dealership-related crimes is theft. Thieves are big fans of catalytic converters, though cutting and removing them requires a specific skill level. Talented burglars can nick dozens of emissions-reducing devices in a night, selling them for roughly $240 apiece at recycling centers. 

The cost of sales can set dealerships back thousands in replacements. Not to mention, targeted vehicles will have to remain in-garage for additional repairs. Without auto insurance, theft becomes virtually impossible to cover. 

Much to a dealership’s advantage and downfall, a lack of catalytic converters won’t disable a vehicle but make it that much harder to spot on the onset. Thus, many will drive off in the car without realizing it’s missing a part. 

Unfortunately, vehicle warranties won’t typically cover theft. Depending on the number of claims you file, coverage may even become barred from your insurance policy. 

Other casual criminals will engage in vandalism, forcing dealerships to replace broken windshields, slashed tires, and smashed side mirrors. 

Auto Dealership Security Methods to Consider

Thieves and vandals are likely to hit dealerships far past operating hours when lots are mostly empty and without surveillance. Even equipped with motion-activated lights and a CCTV system, such devices aren’t going to provide a high level of protection. 

Contrary to what managers assume, security cameras are insufficient deterrents, as skilled criminals are learning to obscure their faces and license plates from view. Without methods of identifying perpetrators, the case is as good as buried. 

Live video feeds aren’t any more productive than their taped counterparts. In most cases, all a poorly-trained security guard can do is watch as your dealership is burgled as opposed to taking direct action. 

Hence, qualified and uniformed security guards are often your best bet. Skilled officers can perform walking or driving patrols in shifts and apprehend troublemaking individuals even before any crime takes place. 

The right law enforcement team will be equipped to perform patrol observations, asset protection, access control, crime deterrence, and other professional duties. 

Through roving vehicle patrol, officers can relay rapid responses to complaints, ensure trespassing enforcement, and provide maintenance reports as necessary. 

The cost of theft and vandalism can leave a mark on your business profits and become unlikely to recover from. Instead of allowing charges to accumulate over time, invest in preventative measures from the get-go. 


Various industries will require different types of security measures. However, auto dealerships can benefit most from after hour roving patrols and security guards when criminals are most active.

At Silbar Security, our security services are a step above the rest. We ensure not only that no crime is committed but recommend methods of bulking up protective measures. Get a free estimate today and save thousands on potential crimes.

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