Security in the Time of COVID: How Mobile Patrols Can Help You

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It’s been over a year since the first reported case of the Coronavirus. Since then, the lifestyle of millions of people has changed dramatically—people were forced to work from home, and most businesses shut their doors. However, can you be sure that your business property stays secure?

During these difficult and uncertain times, common security issues are heightened, including burglaries, vandalism, arson, vagrancy, illegal dumping, and other property security and damage issues. So, how do you protect your business when you’re stuck at home? It’s simple — mobile security patrols can help you.

Mobile security or roving patrols are a cost-effective solution to ensure that your business stays protected while no one is around. These mobile patrol officers are trained to drive around your business and patrol your site from time to time.

If your business requires a security upgrade during the pandemic, keep reading. Here’s how mobile patrols can help protect your business during the pandemic.

1. Random Night and Day Patrols

Mobile or roving patrols conduct random patrols of businesses during the night and day, especially during hours where security is most vulnerable. They do this by physically going to your premises, providing you with a physical security presence at the site.

With their help, they’ll work as physical deterrents to intruders and can give you real-time and regular feedback as they monitor your surroundings for potential or ongoing threats.

2. Quick and Efficient Alarm Responses

When your property alarm goes off, clients have mobile patrols to check on their business right away. It’s a quick and safe way to respond to alarm triggers, especially when you’re situated far from your business property.

3. Property Management Issues

When you’re not around, managing your property can be difficult. Imagine not knowing when a pipe bursts or if there’s a broken window in your property — all of these can be a threat to your business’s security.

However, mobile patrols can help you survey the area and find alarming issues that require immediate assistance before it’s too late. Whatever the emergency may be, mobile patrols can control the situation and ensure that the damage is managed quickly.

The Bottom Line: You Should Work With Silbar Security to Help Protect Your Business During the Pandemic

Security is one of the most important things your business should still have, especially when you can’t be around your property 24/7. This is why it’s important to hire mobile patrols to secure your property from time to time — and Silbar Security can help you with that.

Our highly-trained staff has years of experience in mobile patrol assignments, allowing them to survey your property efficiently without missing out on critical areas and issues. Our staff has undergone extensive security training, so you’ll rest easy knowing that your property is well protected and managed by a reliable team of security staff.

Why We’re Perfect For You

During these times, security is important, now more than ever. And keeping your business safe and away from threats and intruders is something you need to prioritize. This is why working with Silbar Security is your best option.

Our services include roving patrol, security officers, event staff, armed or unarmed officers, and temporary and emergency offers. Our coverage includes apartments, hospitality and shopping centers, event staffing, industrial and commercial properties, and more. Get a free security estimate today!

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