Proper Security for Office Buildings

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Every office and commercial workspace needs proper office security. In many cases, people imagine commercial security as being something reserved for only a retail store or a bank. In reality, offices need just as much security — and their own unique solutions and strategies— to mitigate the risks faced both during the workday and after hours.

In this post, we will cover five ways you can improve your office’s overall security to help prevent crimes such as theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access. Note that this list is inexhaustive, and there are a plethora of ways to increase security. If you would like to learn more, contact our team of experts.

Utilize Employee IDs and Access Cards

Identification and verification are the first part of an effective access control policy. Require all employees to wear ID badges and scan them to enter your building and their respective offices, if applicable. Using IDs is especially helpful in larger organizations when people from different departments need to drift from place to place throughout the day.

When you install an access control system at different points in the office, employees will have to scan their IDs to gain entry. In buildings with controlled zones requiring a certain level of security clearance to enter, you can easily monitor who goes in and out to isolate information breaches or employee theft when it arises.

You may structure your building’s access control according to your organizational structure; however, the general policy most security experts advise is having a “nested” access control model. This means that you have general cards everyone can use to enter the building; then, there are designated parts of the building that require clearance and a specific card to proceed. 

This method can help prevent employees from one department from gaining access to another without permission. In a time where workplace violence and interpersonal conflict are rising, such measures can drastically lower your company’s liabilities and internal issues.

Ensure All Ports of Entry Are Secure

Securing doors and windows is a multi-step process to ensure they are not easy to compromise. In addition to using only high-quality safety glass, you should also install physical barriers that make it harder for a criminal or thief to enter after hours. For example, on the outside of the building, you can install fencing, curbs, and even barbed wire that would make it very difficult for a person to overcome with brute force or for a vehicle to drive through.

Doors should use electronic locks that can be controlled remotely and further reinforced with physical deadbolts. Windows should all be locked at night and double-secured with security bars. If permanent security bars are inconvenient, removable options are also an option and are easy to install and remove as desired.

Set Up 24/7 Security Patrols

After business hours, offices face the highest risk of being burglarized or vandalized. Nighttime mobile security patrols can help deter criminals and respond to any threats on your property at a moment’s notice. They can monitor your existing CCTV cameras and conduct either vehicle or foot patrols throughout the property and around its perimeter. 

At night, you can also set access restrictions that prohibit employees from entering the building after a particular time. The presence of the security guard will make it difficult for someone with authorized access during the day to reenter the property secretly at night. You can hire one or multiple guards to perform periodic patrols, depending on your situation. If there are particular areas you feel are vulnerable, a guard can also be assigned to stand post at that one location. 

Mobile patrols are also an advantage because they can spot potential threats before it’s too late. Security guards in vehicles have the ability to respond more quickly to problems if there is an issue on the other side of a property. Using both foot patrols and mobile security patrols is beneficial for offices and commercial compounds operating on medium to large-sized lots.

It’s important to be covered all the time, which is why a 24/7 security presence is ideal for most mid-large businesses with sizeable property or valuable assets. Learn more about how Silbar Security can help you by calling our team or submitting a contact form.

Employ Daytime Office Security

Security guards have an equal value to a business during operating hours. They can verify identifications, perform security checks, screen visitors, and perform property monitoring; they can also quickly respond to any reports or concerns as they arise. However, the benefits don’t stop there. Simply the presence of a security guard can be enough to deter violence, theft, and conflict.

Security guards for offices can be armed or unarmed. Still, both are trained to safely detain any problem-causing individuals until law enforcement arrives while using the least force possible. A security guard can also help prevent internal conflict from escalating to dangerous levels. Guards from a high-end security firm, like Silbar Security, are trained in interpersonal communication and have many strategies to resolve situations peacefully before resorting to physical restraint.

Improve Security Around Parking

Parking garages can be an elevated risk to offices, especially those directly connected to the main office building. There are several ways you can reinforce your office parking lot or garage, such as:

– Installing a boom gate to prevent unauthorized access and requiring ID upon entry/exit

– Using retractable bollards that lower only after parking or ID validation

– Using parking barriers to prevent any vehicle from parking in prohibited areas

– Installing security cameras at all viewpoints to ensure 24/7 coverage of your property

Enlist the Top Security Officers for Your Company

Silbar Security is among the nation’s leading providers of commercial security. We recruit, train, and assign armed and unarmed security guards of the highest quality, who are then assigned to a variety of settings ranging from small businesses to events with many attendees. Our mission is to improve everyday business security through exceptional training and law enforcement grade technology and tools.

Learn more about our offerings, including office security, by visiting our services page. If you would like to schedule a free consultation, please call us or fill out a contact form.

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