How to Know If Your Security Guards Are Doing Their Jobs

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Skills and Qualities of a Security Guard

Security patrol guards are vital to the safety and protection of most establishments. However, with the amount of money that you spend on their services, how can you tell if they’re doing their job right and not slacking off? As a security company client, you want to guarantee that you’re getting the security services that are expected. Although you may hire a trusted company, you should still check for yourself whether or not the guards are doing their job properly.

If you want to keep an eye on the skills and qualities of a security guard, here are six ways to do so:

Review Their Logs

An effective way to ensure that your security guards are carrying out their duties is by checking and reviewing their logs, which typically means viewing their check-in/outs. You can review this based on timesheets, or even better, you can visit the site randomly at times they’re supposed to check-on to see if they’re physically there. 

Track Them at Work

There’s nothing wrong with tracking your guards while they’re on duty. Thanks to technology, the GPS tracker is there to help you track people on-site. If you want to see whether or not your patrol guards are doing their job, you can check out the tracker to find out where they are and what they’re doing; you can view them in real-time. 

Go Over the Reports Thoroughly

Security guards should provide detailed reports of their work, which is why it’s important to thoroughly go over those that are given to you. By doing so, it will help you assess if the guard is performing their duties well. Some of the details you need to look into are the location, patrol times, unusual behavior, and how they responded. 

Go Over Post Orders

Security companies typically provide a detailed list of post orders and additional tasks to their security guards on client sites. When you access the post orders, you will be able to see if the duties and tasks are being carried out effectively. 

Do Regular Field Inspections

Yes, you can rely on technology and other documents to check if your guards are doing their jobs, but nothing beats performing regular field inspections. Schedule inspections at least once a month to see how the guards are doing to help you assess the situation better. It’s better if you do this unannounced so that you can truly see what the guards are doing without anticipating a visit from you or other authority figures. 

Ask Around

You can even ask tenants or the people on-site about the guards. In fact, these are the best people to ask for feedback since they are often on-site. Ask them how satisfied they are with the security in place and if there are things that the security staff can improve on. 


At this point, you now know six ways to assess whether or not the security patrol guards on-site are doing their jobs properly. It’s essential that you go to the site personally and go over the records thoroughly to determine if you’re getting the level of security you paid for. Hiring security guards from a trusted company is one matter, but seeing how they get the job done is another matter. When you check on their work, you’ll know if you’re getting the most out of your investment or if it’s time to switch agencies. 

Since hiring a reliable security company is important for the safety and protection of your property, Silbar Security can provide you with the skills and qualities of a security guard you are looking for. We have armed and unarmed officers who are professional and well-trained to mitigate many types of situations. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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