How to Keep Your Condo Safe While on Vacation


Keep Your Condo Safe With Security

Planning a vacation involves setting up arrangements for your flight, accommodations, and your itinerary. If you’re leaving behind an empty condo, however, the safety of your property should also be high on your priority list. The last thing you want is for a break-in to happen while you’re out having fun.

Even if your building employs security guards 24/7, you still need to make sure that your condo is safe. Here are some tips you should keep in mind before you go on your next vacation:

Change Your Locks 

Before you go on a long vacation, consider installing new, sturdier locks on your condo doors. Locks that have been in place since you moved in may not be completely secure. The previous tenant may still have copies of the key.

Before changing your locks, however, you should inform your landlord and consult with your building association to ensure that you aren’t breaking anything in your contract or any condo association rules.

Get To Know Your Neighbors

Your trusted neighbors are your greatest assets when it comes to security when you’re away. You can ask for their help in keeping an eye on your condo, bring in your mail, and help you ensure that your condo doesn’t look like it’s empty. It also helps to have someone to contact in case of any emergency. And when it’s time for your neighbor to go on vacation, you can help them out as well. 

You may also want to inform your landlord and maintenance personnel if you’ll be away for extended periods. They can also help keep an eye on your place and contact you in case something happens.

Be Tight-lipped About Your Travel Plans

The age of social media is also the age of oversharing. People feel the urge to post about everything they’re doing and wherever they’re going. If you’re on vacation, try to postpone posting your location on social media until you’re back. You don’t want malicious third parties to know that your condo will be completely empty for days at a time.

Buy A Good Safe

A large and heavy safe is an excellent investment for any condo owner. Modern safes offer protection from fires and burglars, in case you want to keep important documents in them as well. Make sure to purchase a safe with high burglar and fire ratings.

Another security trick would be to keep your valuables in unlikely places. A burglar will likely go straight to your bedroom closet because that’s usually where valuables are stored. An innocuous, clever storage location such as a cereal box or an empty bottle of dish soap will keep your expensive items safe during break-ins.

Hire A Professional

You can hire professional security services to help you get the best security system for your condo. They will help you install surveillance cameras, timed lights, and the best locks for your doorframe. This way, you won’t ever have to worry about your own efforts to ensure your condo’s safety.


A break-in is every condo owner’s worst nightmare. On the other hand, you don’t want the fear of burglary to keep you from going on vacation and living your life. With proper security precautions such as changing your locks, keeping your valuables safe, and enlisting the help of your neighbors, you can travel all you want without too much worry about your empty condo.

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