How Effective is Private Armed Security?

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With over 1 million security guards employed in the United States, private armed security are an increasingly desired and valuable investment for many companies and events. When you hire private security, you are taking extra steps to protect your assets, staff, and customers. At events or residential buildings, security guards ensure that everyone remains safe at all times. In retail settings, they provide criminal deterrence and loss prevention. Overall, a full-time security force lowers stress and decreases the incidence of risks and incidents through vigilance and rapid response.

The Benefits of Private Armed Security

When hiring a security guard or security team, you may have to decide whether armed or unarmed guards are most effective for your situation. Armed guards have the greatest ability to protect, but they come with some drawbacks compared to unarmed guards as well. We at Silbar Security believe that both armed and unarmed security guards are valuable, but each has certain use cases. 

Our clients hire private security for a wide range of reasons. Security guards can provide security and monitoring services at events, venues, retail businesses, hotels, apartment buildings, and many other locations. They protect individuals and property, can effectively deter crime, and prevent undue harm or damage.

In this article, we will look closer at some of the benefits of hiring armed security guards.

  1. Eliminating Potential Threats

Although they are not police officers, armed security guards are trained and licensed to carry firearms. If there is a risk of violent crime or severe threat on your property, they can step in and secure the scene until law enforcement arrives.

They know how to safely use their weapons without injuring themselves or others. They also know when it is appropriate to use their firearms and when to use different strategies for detaining criminal suspects or responding to calls.

  1. Promoting a Greater Feeling of Safety

People can feel more comfortable working or living somewhere if they know a trained, armed guard is always watching out for them. Employees whose shifts are early in the morning or late at night can have greater peace of mind when an armed security guard escorts them to their vehicles or from the property.

Tenants in residential buildings can feel more comfortable sleeping and relaxing in their homes. They know that the crime risk is lower, and if they ever have a problem, they can call an on-site guard for a rapid response.

  1. Deterring Potential Criminals

Private armed security guards deter potential criminals, such as thefts, vandals, and shoplifters. The mere presence of an armed guard is enough for many people to think twice about targeting a business or residence. While some criminals may attempt to push the limits and skirt around unarmed measures, they are less likely to directly challenge a security guard who carries a firearm.

  1. Ensuring Personal Protection

While the goal of unarmed security is to reduce the risk of crime altogether, sometimes, there are threats they cannot prevent. Armed security offers can quickly respond and secure the scene in these cases. They are there to protect staff, customers, and anyone who needs them, and they can use force if necessary. Hiring private armed security can be invaluable for high-risk businesses or properties in areas with high crime rates.

What To Look Out For

Private armed security guards who carry firearms must undergo extensive training. They must meet their state’s requirements for a firearm license and complete more armed security training through their employer before they are eligible to work for customers.

The additional training ensures an even higher level of professionalism and expertise. Higher standards for armed guards mean they must continually improve and always be at the top of their field.

Licensing and Dependability

To perform their duties, private armed security officers must be licensed. They also must be properly trained on how to hold and use a firearm according to their state’s guidelines and regulations. Some states require private security companies to register with the state, and employees can work directly under their company’s license. Other states require individual armed security guards to register and be licensed, regardless of where they work.

Reputable security agencies always ensure that their officers receive the highest degree of professional training and perform background checks before assigning them duties so you know they are upstanding individuals ideal for the jobs they are hired for. In any case, by using a professional security company to source your private armed security, you ensure that only trained and qualified individuals will be there to protect.

Who Should Hire Private Armed Security?

Armed security is suitable for events, small-large businesses, or residential buildings. Small to mid-size companies can also benefit from hiring private armed security guards if they are located in an area with a high crime rate or sell valuable items, such as jewelry or technology. Any business that handles large sums of money is more likely to be targeted by theft. We suggest armed security personnel for these establishments to keep your assets and people safe.

In any situation, armed security guards, and armed security patrols, act as strong deterrents to would-be vandals or thieves. Someone who may consider shoplifting or causing issues is less likely to do so if they know a business is well-protected. Having an armed security guard on standby will be invaluable if someone decides to attack or commit a crime.

Hire the Best Security in the Business

Your professional security team is there to protect you, your team, and your assets. Silbar Security offers private armed security and unarmed security solutions, along with the leading technology in the industry. We ensure your business, event, or property remains safe, secure, and well-surveilled. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our security experts to see how we can help you.

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