Holiday Tip

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The holiday season is upon us again as we come out of the wake of the pandemic, we have more foot traffic on the premises of our businesses. As joyous as this time is, it can also be devastating to business and property owners. With holiday foot traffic increasing so dose unwanted eyes on potential breaches in businesses and properties left vacant or vulnerable for the season. Here are a few tips to help lessen the burden.

1. Have a Plan

During the holidays it is important to have contingency plans in place incase of an emergency. Hirer more security (hyperlink to contact page) for the holiday season to fill in gaps. Doing this can reduce the potential risk of incidents accruing. Increasing patrols is also a great way to deter any criminal/loitering activity. Make sure that the people that are authorized designated key holders will be reachable. Have a chain of response in place with your security team in case something does accrue, so that the right people are informed and on site.

2. Communication

Communication is key to making sure your business or property is secure for the holiday season. Foot traffic is up and that includes Criminal activity. Make sure that you Security team is informed and there is a clear list of key holders. Take account of people that will and will not be on the premises during the holidays and notify any schedule changes. Notify patrols of times when you are seeing unwanted foot traffic/loitering around your properties or business. If there are any changes to schedules, make sure to update your security team so that a patrol doesn’t mistake any authorized personnel.

3. Check and Correct

Take a walk around your property or business to see if there are any possible breaches or damaged locks that criminals would take advantage of. Remove any obstacles or obstructions that would create blind spots for patrolling or on-site guards.

4. Cyber Risk

Make sure that you don’t share travel plans on social media or make it abundantly clear that a property will be vacant for a long period. Inform employees not to open or responded to emails if they do not know the correspondent. Recommend them to have IT vet it first. There is always an increase of scams and viral attacks during the holiday season. It is important to take promotions with most business done virtually now.

With that said, have a joyous and safe holiday season. Check out services that Silbar Security can offer you in your area today.

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