Defending Your Business Property

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Your business is your greatest investment. Taking the proper measures to defend your business and its property can help to safeguard your company, and its assets, and protect staff and customers. In order to safeguard your business, it’s essential to take the proper steps to secure not only its interior but also its exterior.

When your property is secure, the contents inside are safe as well. In addition to providing a greater sense of safety, good property defenses also make your business a better place to work for your staff. This article will address how to protect business property and reinforce its security.

Surveillance Cameras

Modern surveillance cameras can be placed anywhere and offer 360-degree coverage of your property’s interior and exterior. You may not be able to place cameras in private areas, such as restrooms, but you can still have entrances, exits, hallways, and common areas fully surveilled at all times. Installing cameras alerts you to risks early and helps prevent lawsuits and criminal activity. You can have footage of any potential intrusion, vandalism, or theft caught on camera, and you can use it as evidence for prosecuting these crimes.

When choosing security cameras for a business, consider the following:

  • The number of recording channels you need
  • The locations of coverage (e.g., indoor and outdoor)
  • Built-in heat sensors and/or motion detection 
  • Weather resistance for outdoor placements
  • Mobile device compatibility for easy remote monitoring

Opt for cameras that record at least 60 frames-per-second (FPS) and in 1080 HD for precise, smooth footage. You should also consider whether you want highly visible cameras or a more discreet setup. The visible presence of surveillance cameras can act as a criminal deterrent, but it may be better to choose stealth in other cases.

Ultimately, what matters most is choosing a business security system that fully covers your property. You should be able to view footage in real time wherever you are through a computer or mobile phone. Remote monitoring allows you to quickly identify risks, receive alerts, and contact the authorities if necessary.

Sensors and E-Locks

Security sensors can detect motion and heat and trigger alarms whenever there’s danger or unauthorized activity on your property. Microphone sensors can pick up undetectable frequencies in the human ear — like the ultrasonic waves from breaking glass. Most security systems combine sensors and cameras for maximum visual coverage and enhanced detection. 

As for e-locks, these devices allow you to control access to your property remotely. You can also find them marketed as intelligent, keyless, and electronic commercial door locks. They have keypads instead of traditional locks, making them much harder for anyone to break. Most e-locks can be controlled through your mobile device and send alerts if an unauthorized access attempt is made.

Alarm Systems

A security alarm system is one of the fundamental pieces of a security network. It can alert law enforcement and deter criminals before they have a chance to cause any harm. You can also install alarm points in different areas of the property; pressing these buttons can allow you or a staff member to contact the police discreetly if needed.

Alarms can also be programmed to activate at different times or when specific actions occur. For example, alarms can go off when someone attempts to enter a particular area or if anyone attempts to enter the property after business hours.

Secure Windows

Reinforced windows can give your business an extra layer of protection. Burglar-proof glass, or tempered glass, is fortified. This type of glass can deter physical strikes, and sometimes even bullets or small explosions.

If you have any easily accessible windows someone could try to enter through, reinforcing them can bring you greater security and peace of mind.

Professional Security Officers

Many businesses can benefit from hiring a professional security team to patrol their property. Security officers can assist during daylight hours or work exclusively at night when your business is more vulnerable. Security officers can be armed or unarmed and perform foot or vehicle patrols depending on your needs and preferences.

The presence of a security officer can be a strong deterrent for potential thieves and vandals. It can also provide greater safety for employees, especially those who may leave or arrive on site when it is still dark outside.

Mobile Patrols

In addition to security guards, mobile patrols can cover your property’s exterior throughout the day and night. Professional security officers use police-grade security equipment and vehicles to conduct their patrols. Many properties are too large to patrol on foot effectively; if an incident occurs on one end of the property, the guard could spend several minutes reaching it.

Mobile patrols allow officers to stay in constant communication and ensure a guard is always nearby if something happens. Hiring mobile patrol security is especially beneficial for large properties with multiple buildings, such as warehouses.

Hire Top Security for Your Business

Our team at Silbar Security is here to help you protect your business and its assets, staff, and customers. Our professional security services can provide unparalleled surveillance, monitoring, and patrolling to suit your individual needs.

We ensure you always have the resources to keep your property safe and secure. Please do not hesitate to contact us and schedule a consultation to learn more. We are happy to discuss possible solutions with you and offer recommendations on the correct type of security for your business and its property.

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