Condo Security Guide: How to Keep Your Condo Safe


Condo Security

Security is and will always be a top priority. In most cases, we only consider robust security for businesses and commercial establishments. But what about residential properties such as condo buildings? 

While there might be less at risk, establishing security measures for residential properties is imperative as well. Not only will this ensure only authorized condo unit owners and tenants can access the grounds, but it will also help promote peace and order in the residential building. Ultimately, top security protects the condo itself as well as its occupants and their valuable assets.

Condo owners and managers should always make safety a priority. Here’s how to get started:

Conduct a safety risk assessment

Before implementing safety measures and installing security systems, your team will need to conduct a safety risk assessment. The ultimate purpose of this is to identify potential threats that are more likely to transpire in your condo building. From there, you’ll be able to determine the best security measures to combat these possible threats. Just be sure to implement security measures based on applicable standards and best practices implemented in a condominium.

Set security guidelines to be strictly followed

Now that you’ve identified the safety risks in your condo building, it’s time to sit down with your team to assess what security measures need to be set in place. First off, be sure to establish and implement safety rules and policies that will protect your property, its occupants, and their valuable assets. Also, make sure that unit owners or tenants are very much aware of the security guidelines. Most importantly, enforce these safety measures at all times and ensure that everyone strictly follows these protocols.

Install electronic security systems

Once you’ve established the security guidelines for everyone to follow, you may want to consider investing in security systems. That said, be sure to take advantage of modern electronic security tools and devices. You may want to consider installing a CCTV system, a 24-hour monitoring system, an access control system, and even electric fences and sensors for perimeter security. All these things will help make your security in the condo building more robust for the benefit of your tenants and other unit owners.

Have security personnel installed

The most crucial aspect of your condo security is the security team you’re going to hire. When looking for a security company, be sure to factor in their industry experience and areas of expertise. It helps if these security officers have the experience and specialization in managing condo buildings. Ask as well what security measures they implement and what security devices and tools they use. Ultimately, set an interview with some of your prospects to gauge who is the most dedicated and committed team, so you’ll end up hiring the best security personnel.


At this point, you now know how to keep your condo safe and secure at all times. As outlined above, all it takes is to conduct a safety risk assessment, set security guidelines to be strictly followed, install electronic security systems, and most importantly, hire high-security personnel. With all these in mind, you’ll be able to kick your condo security up a notch for the benefit of all the occupants!

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