Benefits of a Roving Patrol Security Force

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Security patrols ensure your property is always safe by having trained officers routinely monitor its parameters. They check not only the property but also windows, doors, and other potential entrances that could be exploited.

Hiring a roving guard can help secure your property, whether a residential community or a small business. These officers are available at all hours to conduct routine surveillance, respond to concerns, and quickly intercept a criminal if necessary.

What is Mobile Security?

Roving security, or mobile security, is a type of security that involves conducting patrols throughout the duration of an officer’s shift. A roving security patrol officer can perform patrols on foot, in a vehicle, or through a combination of both. Their primary role is to prevent crime by identifying potential threats and quickly intervening before they can lead to any damage or harm.

Officers who work in roving security do not have a fixed base. Instead, they routinely move throughout their assigned property, taking random routes to ensure that no criminals or vandals can enter or otherwise access the property throughout the day or night.

There are two types of roving patrol in security: vehicle patrol and foot patrol.

Mobile Vehicle Patrol

Mobile patrol units are highly recognizable, but their duties extend beyond what most people know. In fact, vehicle patrols are only one element of a patrolling guard’s job. These officers perform a wide range of security jobs, such as surveilling for criminal activity, checking entry and exit points, and ensuring that locks are always secure.

Mobile patrol guards can also monitor existing CCTV cameras to ensure that they always have total visibility of your property and anyone who may try to enter. Generally, mobile patrols focus on the exterior of a property and its surrounding area. Using a vehicle allows them to cover more ground quickly and perform greater surveillance than only foot patrol.

Using a mobile patrol vehicle also ensures that their routes are less predictable and harder to evade than foot patrols. Because they rely primarily on vehicles, they can respond faster to threats and serve as a strong visual deterrent to criminals.

Foot Patrol

Foot patrols are more localized than mobile patrols, but they can be just as effective. A foot patrol can include exterior and interiors and can even be performed throughout the day as people move around a business. Sometimes, roving officers are hired to patrol for specific events; in other cases, they are familiar faces on a property or within a community.

Roving officers who conduct foot patrols can build relationships with tenants and customers. They become a welcome presence in the area, and their professional presence makes it easier to collaborate with business owners, assist customers or tenants, and serve their communities. A common misconception is that foot patrols only involve “walking around.” In reality, these officers must be able to identify and respond to the changing environment and tailor their services to suit a situation or person’s needs.

However, foot patrol is not a substitute for mobile patrol. In many cases, companies benefit from the presence of ground and vehicle-based officers. Ultimately, the right choice for your needs will depend on your location, vulnerabilities, risks, and security needs.

Benefits of Hiring a Roving Patrol Security Team

The most effective mobile security strategy includes both vehicle and foot patrols. These provide the greatest level of visibility, threat detection, and criminal deterrence. Below, we will review some of these advantages in more detail.

Constant Surveillance

A roving security team ensures that you always have highly professional, trained officers on-site. They can perform round-the-clock monitoring and guarantee rapid response to any threats or concerns reported by customers or tenants. You can ensure full coverage across your property at all times through a combination of foot and vehicle patrols.

GPS Tracking

All our vehicle-based officers use GPS tracking to provide their clients with the highest level of transparency. At all times, you know where officers are on your property.

Complete Property Coverage

While officers on foot or bike can cover multiple sites during a shift, cars are the most effective way to ensure that your complete exterior parameters are adequately monitored. Hiring a team that works both on foot and in vehicles can ensure someone is always available to respond to problems or concerns. If an officer ever needs backup, they can quickly receive help from a colleague in a vehicle or nearby on foot.

Prevent Future Risks

Experienced officers know how to conduct thorough property assessments and identify any weaknesses or vulnerabilities in its defenses. They can bring these risks to the owner’s concern and suggest potential resolutions that would reduce the risk of crime in the future.

Emergency Response at All Times

Whenever you need help, roving patrol officers are available to respond. They can offer immediate responses if they detect a threat, but they can also respond to any calls or reports from concerned customers/tenants. For extensive grounds too big for standard security to cover effectively, roving patrol forces are the best solution.

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