A 3-Step-Guide to Hiring Short-Term Security Guards

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Today’s approach to security

With businesses now recovering from the initial shock of the new way the community addresses safety and health protocols in resuming operations, people are looking for contractual employees to help them adapt to modern approaches in business models.

Today, businesses are laying off over half of their employees to ensure that they observe social distancing protocols while making up for losses incurred during the past few months of inactivity. One part of the workforce that many have to cut down is their security personnel.

Hiring short-term guards

Short-term guards offer the same level of training, experience, and credibility as long-term employees without the hassle of working full-time on your payroll. Since they’re employed by a security company, every aspect, from their licensing, uniform, and personal gear are already covered for your benefit. In times like these, where limited business operations are advised by local policies, hiring a short-term guard gives you the variability of paying for less in the long term. 

In this article, we will share a three-step-guide when hiring short-term guards for your business:

Establish what ‘short-term’ is

In hiring ‘short-term’ security guards, you’ll have to be specific about the duration of the time that you will require their services. ‘Short’ can mean differently depending on who views a contract, which is why you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will you be hiring a security guard for a one-time event?
  • Are you shifting store hours to limited times in the day?
  • Do you need extra personnel on some days of the week?

These are the questions that you have to ask yourself before you define how ‘short’ you’ll be having your short-time security. Make sure that you can give specific dates and times on your company calendar to mark before you sign a contract.

 Know what services you’ll need

Before you start looking through security companies and what they have to offer, you should first have an idea of what type of guard and services you’ll need for your business. Consider the following aspects:

  • How many security personnel will you need?
  • Will you need armed personnel?
  • Will you need roving vehicles on patrol to secure the perimeter of your event?

You should keep these questions in mind before you end up signing a contract that has too much or too few of what you’ll need.

 Check the security company for certification

The security industry needs to go through lots of paperwork to be certified since they’ll have to procure licensing and training for their staff. You should always consider a company’s portfolio and their certification before you engage in a contract with them.

As with signing any contract, a guarantee of quality service on the agreed-upon terms is necessary before you engage in a partnership. Credible security companies are more than happy to show you their certifications before you settle on an agreement.


Hiring short-time security guards are an excellent solution in the current economic climate. The key to navigating the shift in how businesses will operate from this point on is understanding the various tools and systems that you can use in optimizing your old business models.

If you require a security company for your business, we at Silbar Security supply all types of security needs from event security to roving patrol. Get in touch with us today to know more about how we can keep your business operations safe and secure!

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