5 Qualities of a Good Security Officer – What to Know

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Hiring a Security Officer

Security officers play a crucial role in any business or organization. Not only do they ensure safety and security in the workplace, but they also serve as the face of the company. For the most part, they are there to protect the people during chaos or commotion in a designated area. 

Companies do not only look for officers with physical strength and armed skills alone, but they are also after other essential attributes. Here are the top five qualities of a good officer you should consider when hiring a security company:


They say that honesty is the best policy, and this also applies to security personnel. As much as possible, you have to hire security officers who have exhibited and proven their utmost honesty. You don’t want to deal with an officer who can risk your business through fraudulent activities—and worse, theft and crimes. You also want to make sure that you won’t hire someone who can easily be bribed.


It’s a major business requirement that security officers should be alert at all times. They should be mindful of what’s happening around them. They should always be focused and should not be easily distracted. The worst thing that you can get are officers who tend to slack off or go lenient when no one is looking. Look for someone proactive and capable of taking prompt actions when the situation calls for it.

Good communication skills

These may not be at the back of your mind, but yes, security officers need to have great communication skills. Why? They are the first line of defense who should be able to instruct people and even reprimand them when they aren’t complying. As much as possible, you want someone courteous and kind yet firm and assertive. You also want someone who can communicate clearly, especially when explaining a situation and giving directions to people.

Service orientation

Nothing beats security officers who are dedicated and committed to their work. While they know the nature of their job and the risk that comes with it, they still love and value their work. They want to ensure the utmost safety and security of the people around them. Most importantly, they promote peace and harmony through their presence.

Physical fitness

Physical strength and fitness are required for security personnel. How can you protect other people when you aren’t fit enough to control the people and even to fight back? Needless to say, you have to look for a security officer who is in good shape and top health condition. That way, he can perform his duty well.


At this point, you now know what to find in security services. As far as a security officer is concerned, look for someone with the following attributes—honesty, alertness, great communication skills, service orientation, and physical fitness. With all these valuable qualities, you can ensure your officers are there to protect your business and the people within your business premise. 

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